What is CARN?
The Coral Aquarist Research Network (CARN) is an exciting and unique new program that hopes to combine the work of different groups of coral stakeholders within the aquaria trade; industry (UK based coral growers, coral importers etc), educators and outreach orientated organizations (i.e. Aquariums, Societies etc) and UK based coral reef researchers. CARN aims to identify common ground, share expertise, initiate research activities and expand awareness of the plight of reef systems whilst also increasing our understanding of coral biology and ecology.

What problems do we want to address?
Isolated conversations between individuals have clearly identified that the issues facing laboratory and field based coral reef researchers are, in essence, the same as those facing industry and aquaria (e.g. how different environments regulate coral growth; how these environments influence the mortality rates of coral, what conditions maximize coral productivity, reproductive output and genetic variability etc.). One of the key problems is that the work of these three groups of coral stakeholders tends to be isolated from each other. This is where the benefits of CARN will really be seen.

What are we trying to achieve?
Consequently CARN will help to tackle key environmental questions whilst benefiting industry and raising awareness of coral reef systems. CARN has a steering group run by key representatives, all committed to the welfare of coral reef organisms and increasing our understanding of coral biology, ecology and of course conservation. CARN would also like to get the large number of coral hobbyists involved as well. Click here to get involved!


Coral Reef Research Unit
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