2020 AEW All Out Betting Guide

AEW All Out 2020

On Saturday, September 5th, AEW returns to PPV with the second installment of their annual All Out event live from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. The main event of the show is an AEW world title match as John Moxley defends his belt against MJF.

As of this publication, there are nine matches scheduled for AEW which is set to begin at 8PM ET. A limited number of tickets will be on sale to allow fans in attendance. However, it will be a small number of fans with social distancing enforced.

Betting Sites have released odds for the entire advertised card. Let’s walk that aisle, step through those ring ropes, and sneak attack these predictions.

21-Man Casino Battle Royal

  • Darby Allin (+125)
  • Lance Archer (+175)
  • Brian Cage (+400)
  • Eddie Kingston (+400)
  • Jake Hager (+650)
  • Pentagon Jr. (+1000)
  • Ricky Starks (+1000)
  • Rey Fenix (+1500)
  • Ortiz (+3300)
  • Santana (+3300)
  • Shawn Spears (+3300)
  • Austin Gunn (+4000)
  • Billy Gunn (+4000)
  • Chuck Taylor (+4000)
  • The Blade (+4000)
  • The Butcher (+4000)
  • Trent (+4000)

The winner of this battle royal will get a future AEW world title shot. As of this publication, most of the entrants for this match have been revealed. However, I would expect that AEW has a few last minute additions and maybe a surprise or two.

When looking over this lineup, it’s clear that the following wrestlers are the only ones with a realistic shot at winning:

Darby Allin (+125)

Allin is one of the top young stars in AEW and has been built up nicely. He’s currently in a meaningful feud with Ricky Starks who’s also in this battle royal. Allin is a future world champ for this company, but that future isn’t now. He had a world title shot against Moxley a few weeks ago and came up short.

I see Starks and his partner Brian Cage eliminating Allin to continue Darby’s rivalry with Team Taz.

Lance Archer (+175)

Archer has spent that last several months just beating up on jobbers. His only loss in AEW was against Cody Rhodes for the TNT title three plus months ago. Since then, Archer hasn’t been as prevalent as he was when being built up for the match TNT title tournament.

With that said, Lance Archer could really use a win in this match. It would put him back in line as one of the top heels and give him a meaningful direction moving forward.

Brian Cage (+400)

As mentioned, I believe Cage will play a big part in eliminating Darby Allin from this match, but I don’t see Cage winning this bout either.

He won a battle royal a few months ago when debuting with AEW. That victory put him into a direct feud against Moxley for the world title where Moxley eventually won the title match. I don’t see Cage being put back into a feud with Moxley so soon.

I would love to see Cage and Archer go at it in this battle royal and on following episodes of Dynamite. They teased this on last week’s episode.

Eddie Kingston (+400)

Kingston arrived in AEW a few months ago when he challenged Cody for the TNT title. He had a solid performance that prompted AEW to give him a contract.

A few weeks ago, on an episode of Dynamite, Kingston created a stable with The Butcher, Blade, Ray Fenix and Pentagon Jr. He reminded of them about how they all struggled to get to AEW and that they need to band together.

This group has potential and they will definitely be a huge factor in the Casino battle royal. Unfortunately, I don’t see any of them winning this match.

Jake Hager (+650)

At some point, Hager is going to step out from Chris Jericho’s shadow and become a legitimate contender for the AEW world title. With that said, I don’t see that time being now. He did have a brief feud with Cody for the TNT title, but that ended with Cody winning their match.

I expect Hager to have a solid performance, but eventually get eliminated near the end of the match. He’s a candidate for one of the final four spots.

Who Wins the Casino Battle Royal?

I think the smart decision here is for AEW to have Lance Archer win. As mentioned, he needs a big win to put him back at the top of the pecking order in relevance and status.

Allin and Cage already have had world title matches, plus I believe Allin and Starks will continue their exciting feud for a while. Hager is locked in as Jericho’s henchman and Kingston isn’t ready for a world title opportunity. That leaves Archer as the logical choice here.

Who Wins the Casino Battle Royal? –Archer (+175)

Women’s Singles Match

  • Big Swole (-150)
  • Britt Baker (+125)

Britt Baker will make her grand return to the ring after recovering from knee surgery. Prior to the injury, Baker was on a path to the title but was derailed in a match where Nyla Rose landed awkwardly on her Britt’s knee.

Baker continued to have an on-air presence each week with silly segments and promos. These appearances ended up spawning a feud with Big Swole over the last two months. Unfortunately, this feud hasn’t been that exciting. Big Swole just doesn’t move the needle for me.

Baker is AEW’s top female superstar and she needs to get back on track. I am surprised that she’s the underdog in this match, but I do love her odds as I am picking “the doctor” to win this match. With Rebel by her side, Baker will cheat to win.

Women’s Singles Match –Baker (+125)

Broken Rules Match

  • Matt Hardy (-400)
  • Sammy Guevara (+250)

Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara have had quite the rivalry ever since Matt Hardy came to AEW and joined The Elite in their feud against The Inner Circle. Although most parties of both factions went on to other storylines following their big 5 on 5 match, Hardy and Guevara would build up a strong rivalry.

The feud between Hardy and Sammy will most likely end on Saturday after this broken rules match, which is simply a 10-count match. The winner of this bout is determined when one participant can’t answer the 10 count from the referee. The match can take place anywhere in Daily’s Place.

Hardy is a large betting favorite because the additional stipulation is that if Hardy loses then he leaves AEW.

I see this match going one of two ways: either Hardy wins as expected or Guevara wins and this version of Matt Hardy is gone and one of his other characters will return.

As much as I would like to see this version of Hardy leave, the smart money is on Matt to win this match which is disappointing because Guevara needs a big win to boost him back up.

Broken Rules Match –Hardy (-400)

Tag Team Match

  • The Young Bucks (-450)
  • Jurassic Express (+280)

This match lacks any real substance or buzz to it. In fact, it’s something that should be on a pre-show and not the actual PPV.

We’ve seen these two teams battle against each other and also join forces just like they did on the September 2nd edition of Dynamite.

The best scenario that can come from this match would be to turn the Young Bucks heel. They’ve teased it recently including kicking out Adam Page from The Elite.

If that doesn’t happen then this match is just a standard Young Bucks spot fest with no value for either team moving forward. As for betting on this tag team bout, it’s hard to find any reason to go with Jurassic Express. As for betting on this tag team bout, it’s hard to find any reason to go with Jurassic Express. Place a moneyline wager on the Young Bucks.

Tag Team Match –Young Bucks (-450)

AEW Tag Team Championship Match

  • (c)Kenny Omega & Adam Page (+300)
  • FTR (-500)

This tag-team match is one of the bouts that I am the most excited for. As an in-ring product, it doesn’t get any better than these two teams. However, it’s the storylines going into this match that makes it so compelling.

We all knew that FTR was going to be contending for the AEW tag titles sooner than later. When they first joined AEW a handful of months ago, I had predicted them to face The Young Bucks for the titles at All Out. Yet, AEW kept the belts on Page and Omega, which has turned out to be the right choice.

The reason why it was smart to keep Omega and Page as the champs is because their inevitable split will make for a dramatic moment. These moments are what fans love and what are remembered years from now.

The seeds of a breakup between Omega and Page have been sewed for most of 2020. However, it’s been over the last month where Page has been buddying up to FTR that has intensified the tumultuous relationship between Omega and Page.

I believe that we will see the breakup happen at All Out as the champs will drop their belts. Online betting sites agree as FTR is listed as the second largest betting favorite for the show.

With Tully Blanchard leading FTR, putting the gold around their waists makes a lot of sense. But, I don’t see it stopping there. In fact, I believe Page will eventually join up with FTR either this weekend or in the weeks to come.

It would be awesome having a stable led by Blanchard. Even more exciting would be if AEW gives this faction a “Four Horsemen” vibe. FTR and Page are natural fits within this faction, but it could really benefit Shawn Spears the most.

If we continue the comparisons with the greatest faction of all-time, the Four Horsemen, Spears would be the “Tully” of the group. The member who goes for the secondary titles whereas Page would be the “Ric Flair” of the group and go for the world titles. FTR would be the “Ole and Arn” of the group.

It makes so much sense that I would be terribly disappointed if AEW didn’t go this route or something similar to it.

As for the PPV match itself, I expect it to be exciting and entertaining with plenty of action and storytelling. In the end, FTR will win the gold, the champs will split up, and Page will cement his path toward joining FTR and Blanchard.

AEW Tag Team Championship Match –FTR (-500)

AEW Women’s Championship

  • (c)Hikaru Shida (-625)
  • Thunder Rosa (+350)

Despite what the oddsmakers think of this match, I expect it to be much closer than the large disparity in betting odds.

Thunder Rosa is a very talented wrestler and the current NWA women’s champ. She showed up a few weeks ago and challenged Shida for a world title match at the PPV.

On this week’s episode of Dyanmite, Rosa and Serena Deeb had the best match of the night and possibly the best women’s match in AEW this year. They put on a stellar performance, which has me feeling confident in Rosa’s performance this Saturday.

Hikaru Shida won the belt at Double or Nothing in May and has defended it regularly since then. She’s been with AEW for 17 months now and has become the face of the women’s division.

With that said, I believe that Shida will retain the belt, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Thunder Rosa sticks around to keep this feud going. They could have a solid rivalry that keeps the women’s title and division in the spotlight until Britt Baker eventually claims the throne.

Take Shida to win this bout, which could end up stealing the show if these talented ladies get enough time to fulfill their potential.

AEW Women’s Championship –Shida (-625)

Eight Man Tag Team Match

  • The Dark Order (-400)
  • “Team Rhodes” (+250)

“Team Rhodes” isn’t the official name for The Dark Order’s opponents, but it’s just an easier way to refer to them. This team consists of Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky & The Natural Nightmares. They’re all feuding with The Dark Order for one of two reasons: revenge for Cody or the TNT title.

Scorpio Sky is in this match because he wants another shot at the TNT title which is currently held by Brodie Lee who beat Cody for the belt and put Rhodes on the shelf for a while. His brutal attack of Cody is why Cardona and The Natural Nightmares are feuding with The Dark Order.

If Brodie Lee wasn’t in this match then I would’ve picked “Team Revenge for Cody” or “Team Remember the Cody” to win this match. But, it makes little sense to have The Dark Order lose after they’ve been wonderfully built back up into a destructive force.

More than likely, QT Marshall or Dustin Rhodes (The Natural Nightmares) will end up taking the pinfall. That will keep Matt Cardona and Scorpio Sky looking strong so they can keep feuding with The Dark Order for the foreseeable future.

Brodie Lee will get the pinfall for his faction and continue his march towards AEW world domination.

Eight Man Tag Team Match –Dark Order (-400)

Mimosa Mayhem Match

  • Chris Jericho (+100)
  • Orange Cassidy (-138)

This has been arguably AEW’s best feud of 2020 so far. It’s kept Jericho at the forefront of creativity and TV time while also building Cassidy up into one of the company’s top stars.

The feud has been ongoing for a few months now, with each man picking up significant wins and attacking each other at opportune times.

Before picking a winner, let’s discuss the stipulations for this Mimosa match. For those that don’t know, a mimosa is a drink that consists of champagne and orange juice.

Since Jericho is all about the “bubbly” as the former “Le Champion” and Cassidy is all about the orange juice, it was a creative no-brainer to connect the dots to mimosa. Throw in mayhem to the title of this match and you have brilliant marketing for this bout.

Cassidy or Jericho can win this match by pinfall, submission or by throwing the other man into a big container of mimosa.

Who here doesn’t think that Jericho is going into the mimosa?

At nearly 50 years old, Jericho doesn’t have anything left to prove in wrestling. He continues to be highly entertaining in the ring and as a TV commentator, but his best attribute will be to build up stars in AEW like he’s done with Orange Cassidy.

As for Cassidy, he needs this win. All signs are pointing to this being the final match in their storyline and it would damage all of the success that Jericho and AEW put into building up Orange Cassidy if he were to lose.

The odds are close because pro wrestling betting sites aren’t sure if AEW will actually have Jericho lose or not.

If they’re smart, and Jericho appears to be the smartest of the bunch, then Cassidy will win this match and go on to another big time feud. Jericho can go on to feud with another young star or do a faction versus faction storyline once again.

Mimosa Mayhem Match –Cassidy (-138)

AEW Championship Match

  • (c)Jon Moxley (-250)
  • MJF (+175)

Some of AEW’s best moments over the last month have been MJF’s campaign to challenge Moxley for the world title. MJF is a brilliant entertainer on the mic and he’s built up so much interest in this match that fans around the globe are rooting for Moxley to savagely beat MJF.

In fact, MJF is the one wrestler that fans love to hate because he’s so good at being obnoxious. The WWE wishes they could have a star like this.

Moxley finished up a feud with Brian Cage and went right into this storyline without any glitches. I see it being even more successful than the Cage feud. Additionally, I see it continuing after All Out.

I don’t feel that MJF is a one and done challenger. There are too many things he can do to keep this feud going or to put himself back into the title scene.

With that said, MJF and his posse stood tall at the end of this week’s episode of Dyanmite as they left Moxley bloody and beaten in the middle of the ring.

Unfortunately, that also means that MJF will most likely lose at All Out on Saturday. Yet, how he loses is the intriguing part.

Part of MJF’s successful campaign was to eliminate the Paradigm Shift from the match, which means that Moxley can’t use his finishing move. That brings us to the following AEW prop bet for this match – the method of decision:

AEW Prop Bet: Method of Decision

  • Pinfall (-250)
  • Submission (+250)
  • Any Other Method (+300)

In his world title match against Brian Cage, Moxley pulled out a win by forcing Taz to throw in the towel as he had Cage locked into a submission hold on his surgically repaired arm. Moxley has used other submission holds as finishers in the past including his time in the WWE.

I believe the option for submission offers the best value for this match and makes too much sense to pass up. Pinfall is the large favorite, but Moxley turning to a submission hold because of his finisher being banned seems like the right call for this exciting world title bout.

Take Moxley to defeat MJF via submission in the All Out main event.

AEW Championship Bets –Moxley (-250), Submission (+250)

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