2020 LoL Worlds Betting Guide

2020 League of Legends Worlds Esports

It’s that time of year again, folks! League of Legends World Championship is back in action… well, almost! The play-in stage of the event is set to start on Friday, September 25th, and decide which four play-in teams go through to the main event. One thing is for sure – our LoL Worlds 2020 betting preview is here to bring you fresh info on the entire event.

As usual, the play-in stage might not be the most thrilling, but what follows is a full month of top-notch League of Legends action. Whether you’re an enthusiastic LoL betting expert or just a hardcore LoL esports fan, you’re going to love this October!

LoL Worlds 2020 Betting Guide

At the time of writing, there was still a week to go before the opening play-in bo1s, but most online sportsbooks already feature betting on LoL Worlds. And it’s more than the opening Bo1 match-winners. We’re seeing stuff like play-in group winners, INTZ specials, and long-terms related to the whole event.

Where to Bet on LoL World Championship 2020?

However, not all bookies joined the Worlds’ hype train. While that’s bound to change in the coming days, here’s a short list of online betting sites that already have LoL Words 2020 betting opportunities:

Why These Bookies?

This is a legit question!

The short answer – because they have a ton of LoL Worlds 2020 betting options available.

The long answer – the above-featured bunch is pretty much the crème de la crème of online esports betting, meaning they offer excellent all-around betting experience without any major compromises. If you’re a sucker for stuff like fast payouts, mobile-friendly betting platforms, and excellent specials’ coverage, then you’re going to love each and every single one of the aforementioned websites.

LoL Worlds 2020 Prize Pool

What about the prize pool? Is it finally close to that of Dota 2 The International events?

Unfortunately, Riot Games haven’t announced the official LoL Worlds 2020 prize pool just yet. We’re still waiting for that info to surface, and it’s bound to in the next couple of days. What we do know are the prize pool percentages the teams will win, based on their placements:

Final Placement Prize Pool Percentage
1st 25%
2nd 17.5%
3rd – 4th 9%
5th – 8th 4.5%
9th – 12th 2.5%
13th – 16th 1.5%
17th – 18th 1%
19th – 20th 0.75%
21st – 22nd 0.6%
DQ 2.1%

Disqualified teams are Team Flash and GAM Esports. Well, they haven’t been disqualified – they aren’t able to compete on the event due to travel restrictions. They will get 2.1% of the total prize pool, which puts them, theoretically, somewhere in between the ninth and sixteenth place.

Tournament Format

The upcoming LoL Worlds will play out a bit differently than what you might expect. For starters, it won’t feature 24 but 22 teams due to the travel restrictions we’ve mentioned earlier. Ten teams start off from the play-in stage, and twelve start from the main event.

The play-in stage is reserved for smaller regions’ champions as well as lower seeds of bigger reasons. It’s divided into two phases. The first phase has two groups with five teams in each. Group winners advance to the main event, and the bottom-placed teams are eliminated. Middle-of-the-pack teams go on to the second play-in phase where they’ll have to battle it out for the two remaining main event tickets.

The main event features the two final phases of the competition. First off, there’s the group stage with four groups, four teams each. Double round-robin is the system of choice here, with best of one matches from start to finish. Top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage, aka the playoffs.

This is the business end of the competition – single elimination bracket, all matches are best of five… No room for errors! As far as LoL Worlds 2020 betting is concerned, the knockout stage is going to be the bomb!

LoL Worlds 2020 Qualified Teams

Play-In Groups

Group A Group B
Legacy Esports PSG Talon
MAD Lions Rainbow7
Papara SuperMassive Unicorns of Love
Team Liquid V3 Esports

Main Event Group Stage

Group A Group B Group C Group D
G2 Esports DAMWON Gaming Fnatic DRX
Machi Esports JD Gaming Gen.G Esports FlyQuest
Suning Rogue Team SoloMid Top Esports

Special Betting on League of Legends World Championship

Moving on with our LoL Worlds 2020 betting preview, let’s focus on esports specials for a moment! I’m sure all of you’ve tried (at least once) experimenting with something other than the good old match-winners. If you have, then perhaps some of the following LoL specials will sound familiar:

  • Team to draw First Blood
  • First team to 5/10 kills
  • First team to destroy a turret
  • Player vs. player kills
  • Match duration totals

These are the five most popular LoL betting specials, all of which will be available during the entirety of LoL Worlds 2020… assuming you’re going to use a proper esports bookie, that is.

Furthermore, live betting options during LoL Worlds are pretty common too. Combine that with accumulators, and the early cash-out options on certain matches, and you’ll begin to understand why betting on LoL Worlds 2020 is so popular.

LoL Worlds 2020 Location and Venue

This year’s League of Legends World Championship will be hosted in Shanghai, China. More precisely, the event will be held at the Pudong Football Stadium. Of course, the event will be following the freshest rules and regulations to ensure a fully-fledged LAN competition worthy of the name League of Legends World Championship.

LoL Worlds 2020 Team Storylines

In this section of our LoL Worlds 2020 betting preview, we’re going to talk about the key team storylines. And we’re not just focusing on one region – we’re focusing on the whole event. So, let’s not beat around the bushes and jump straight to action:

Top Esports

According to most League of Legends betting sites, Top Esports is the primary candidate for winning this year’s LoL Worlds. And it’s no surprise really, considering their LPL results and the superiority they’ve shown thus far this season.

Top Esports is in group D of the main event, also dubbed as the second group of death. They shouldn’t have any issues with reaching the playoffs, seeing as the likes of DRX, FlyQuest and whichever team qualifies from the play-in stage don’t have anything on Top Esports.

How come? Well, let’s just say the LPL champions have the best-possible players across all three lanes. I mean, Karsa in the jungle, JackeyLove in bot, and 369 up top. Knight, Top Esports’ mid laner is not to be taken for granted either… If these guys get rolling from very early on, it’ll be difficult to stop them from snowballing to the later stages of the event.


Top Esports and DAMWON are the top-tier contestants that everyone else is terribly afraid of. It’s the fact, guys – DAMWON is a proper powerhouse! While we still don’t/can’t know just how strong the top LPL and LCK teams are at the moment (especially LCK), it takes no genius to realize the top spots in both regions are differentiated by mere nuances. Top Esports as the prime candidate, DAMWON as the runner-up, and there’s one or two Asian teams that could be put in the same basket.

But where’s G2 – they aren’t even in the top four? Well, I do fancy their chances of winning group A, but I think more of DAMWON and Top Esports’ chances at winning their groups. After all, DAMWON is the only LCK team that we can rest assured won’t disappoint on this competition.

Remember last year, guys? DAMWON went all the way from the play-in stage to the playoffs, and showed off impressive consistency and tenacity. With one of the best supports in the game, BeryL, and a stellar roster that’s as well-balanced as last year’s, we’re bound to see DAMWON reach well into the playoffs.

JD Gaming

JD Gaming, commonly referred to as JDG, clinched their LoL Worlds 2020 tickets by defeating LGD in the LPL Summer Split semifinals. It was a pretty clean win for JDG – with Kanavi showing off his impressive jungling skills to throw LGD out of the equation.

But, what sort of performance should LoL Worlds 2020 betting enthusiasts expect from JDG? Well, things are going to be pretty complicated for Kanavi and the boys since they are in group B with DAMWON, Rogue, and a play-in side. It’s the notorious group of death – JDG will have to bring forth their A-game if they are to reach the playoffs and potentially surprise everyone in Shanghai.

We’re looking at JDG’s Worlds debut, meaning experience won’t exactly be on their side. However, sheer individual brilliance and mechanical know-how should be enough for betting enthusiasts to invest some money on them.


Let’s be realistic here – much of Gen.G’s Worlds 2020 performance relies on their jungler, Clid. He’s an absolute behemoth in the jungle, capable of solving both early and mid-game puzzles with a single gank. Most importantly, he’s capable of transitioning from his early game jungling to late game team fights… and we all know just how important jungling transition is for a team’s success at the Worlds. Whether he’s on Kindred or Lee Sin, Clid is an absolute beast if not properly closed down.

Once again, we don’t really know just how strong this year’s LCK teams are. With T1 out of the equation, LCK will be represented by DAMWON, DragonX, and Gen.G. Arguably, Gen.G is the weakest of the bunch, although it’s mere nuances separating the top three.

How will Gen.G perform on LoL Worlds 2020 betting wise? Well, they are in group C with TSM, Fnatic and most likely LGD, meaning they’ll have to bring forth their A-game if they are to clinch the playoffs. On paper, Gen.G is the strongest team in the group, but LoL matches aren’t won on paper… Group C is going to be tricky AF, that I can tell you!


Yep – we’ve finally reached G2! To be honest, G2’s performances in the regular season have been pretty lackluster. Yes, they had their ups and downs, their roster seemed shaky at times, but they’ve still managed to climb to the top of the LEC ladder in the Summer Playoffs.

Even though G2 might not have played at their best throughout 2020, they had one thing going for them – the luck of the draw. You see, the European champions have been placed in group A which is already being dubbed as “the group of life”. With Suning, Machi Esports, and either Liquid or Unicorns of Love (if the play-in stage finishes as expected), Perkz and the boys shouldn’t have too many issues with qualifying for the playoffs. Suning will give the LEC champs a run for their money, in a match that will leave lots of LoL Worlds 2020 betting enthusiasts puzzled.

What sort of performance can we expect from G2 assuming they reach the playoffs? Well, that all depends on how you rank LEC teams this season. We’ve seen G2 struggle, we’ve seen Fnatic and Rogue go through their own rollercoaster performances… Anything can happen really. It’s up to you to put in countless hours of research in before you start investing your hard-earned money!


DragonX, commonly known as DRX, are coming into LoL Worlds as the second LCK seed. That said, they are by no means a bad team; they should not be taken for granted! DRX has been placed in group D with Top Esports, FlyQuest and a play-in team.

The group stage won’t be that simple for DRX, especially knowing their drafting struggles. Sure, they might stomp over FlyQuest and the play-in team, but they’re definitely going to get their ass whooped by Top Esports.

If they qualify for the playoffs, and they’re likely to do so, they’ll be in for quite the match cometh the first knockout stage. Gen.G, Fnatic, or even LGD will be waiting on the other end, in what will be all but a straightforward match for Pyosik and the boys.


Another year, another Fnatic LoL Worlds campaign that’s likely to end up with a defeat by an LPL team. The group stage fancies Fnatic going through. As I’ve said earlier, there’s no clear and cut favorite in group C, but Gen.G and Fnatic should be the strongest sides coming into the competition. Team SoloMid has looked good in the LCS Summer split, but seeing them through to the playoffs in such a highly competitive group is a no-go.

As for Fnatic, their LEC season was plagued by rollercoaster displays. We’re not just talking about the regular season but the playoffs too. Knowing their reputation and past LoL Worlds performances, I wouldn’t be surprised if another LPL team sends them home after the first knockout stage.

Fnatic is most likely going to end up in second place in group C; Top Esports are likely to exit group D as the winners. Yep, that means Fnatic will go up against what’s probably the world’s toughest team at the moment. What do you guys think – does Fnatic stand a chance against such a talented team?

League of Legends World Championship 2020 FAQ

Why Should I Bet on LoL Worlds 2020?

If you’re interested in betting on League of Legends, you should definitely bet on 2020 LoL Worlds. That’s a no-brainer! There’s a number of reasons why this is the ultimate LoL events to bet on. It’s far superior even to the likes of LPL, LCK, LEC, and LCS playoffs, as well as the MSI.

For starters, everyone is going to be betting on LoL Worlds which means bookies will try their hardest to provide more LoL Worlds 2020 betting opportunities than their competitors. More competitiveness on the esports betting scene means higher value for esports bettors… It’s as simple as that!

Is Faker Going to Play on LoL Worlds 2020?

Unfortunately, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, and his T1 will not be participating on this year’s League of Legends World Championship. This news came as somewhat of a surprise in the South Korean LoL community, following T1’s defeat to Gen.G in LCK qualifiers. Yep, one of the world’s best players and a true League of Legends esports legend is not going to 2020 Worlds.

Where to Find LoL Worlds 2020 Odds?

The best place to find good LoL Worlds 2020 betting odds is to check out the list of bookies we showcased at the top of this piece. There’s no need to scroll on your own, click here and we’ll help you out!

Who is Going to Win the Title?

Well, that’s something we won’t be able to answer here. The answer is up for debate, and it will take more than a single paragraph to answer it. That said, I warmly recommend you start exploring all competing teams, their rosters, team compositions, and news regarding everything and anything regarding the competition.

So yeah, let’s leave it at that!

Is League of Legends Betting Dangerous?

Betting on League of Legends can be dangerous in two ways. First off, it can lead to gambling addiction, and let’s just say that’s no fun. It can also pose a threat to your personal information, but that’s only if you opt for a lousy bookmaker with good-for-nothing security, or you use an old password that’s been pwned way back in 2015.

To conclude – if you can control your cravings, if you opt for a top-tier bookmaker, and if you use a strong, unique password, your LoL betting experience won’t be dangerous in any way, shape, or form.

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