Adverty and TapNation Partner to Bring InPlay Ads in Games

Adverty has partnered with TapNation to bring its seamless InPlay advertisement to TapNation’s popular games. The French hypercasual publisher will now be using Adverty’s in-game ad formats within its current and upcoming games.

TapNation has already integrated Adverty InPlay advertising technology in several of its currently released games, and plans to implement the technology in its upcoming games as well.

Vincent Février, VP of Monetisation at TapNation had this to say,

We have been curious about in-game advertising for some time now and so we started our first tests with Adverty in our game Cornhole League back in Q1. Having studied the effects of in-game advertising carefully, we have found that it has a clear net positive uplift on all our key metrics. Given the promising results achieved so far, we have decided to integrate seamless in-game ads in more of our titles, starting with Web Master 3D as well as Rock Crawling. Looking ahead, we will absolutely continue to add in-game advertising to any and all titles when appropriate.

On the other hand, CEO of Adverty, Tobias Knutsson added,

We are delighted to welcome TapNation to the burgeoning world of in-game advertising. Having enjoyed company-wide Cornhole League tournaments in recent months, we know first-hand that its games are great. TapNation also stands amongst our very biggest publishers to date, thereby adding a new level of reach for our advertisers.

Adverty has been partnering with a lot of game publishers recently, and why not, as it’s in-game ad technology is something that benefits the publishers, while keeping players happy with non-intrusive in-game ads.

Adverty also managed to secure its first and second US Patent for In-Game Ad Viewability Technology and earlier this year, the company released its in-game ad SDK on Unity Asset Store to help out developers who want to use their in-game ad platform in their video games during development. Adverty also recently received the TAG brand Safety Seal after ABD Audit Validation.

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