AEW Dynamite 1 Year Anniversary Betting Preview

Chris Jericho AEW Dynamite

On Wednesday, October 14th, All Elite Wrestling will hold a special episode of their weekly TV show – Dynamite. The wrestling company has dubbed this week’s episode as their one year anniversary show.

The first episode of AEW took place on October 2nd, 2019, and it was a big success for the new wrestling company. In fact, since then, AEW has been on a roll as they often beat WWE NXT in the ratings and typically receive praise for their weekly television content.

This week’s anniversary show will feature all of the company’s world championships. The main event of the night is an AEW world title match as champion Jon Moxley defends the belt against Lance Archer.

Also on the card is a TNT title match as Cody defends the belt against Orange Cassidy. The AEW tag titles are up for grabs as FTR defends the belts against Best Friends. And, the AEW women’s world title will also be on the line as Hikaru Shida takes on challenger Big Swole.

As of this writing, online betting sites haven’t released odds for the full announced Dynamite lineup. Let’s take a look at the available odds and still make predictions on what will happen in the matches without any betting lines.

AEW Women’s World Title Match

  • Big Swole (NA)
  • (C)Hikaru Shida (NA)

On October 9th, AEW announced that Hikaru Shida would be defending her title against Big Swole at the anniversary show.

Big Swole had been locked in a lengthy storyline against Britt Baker. Following the conclusion of that angle, Swole went on to wrestle a few additional matches including a solid TV bout against Serena Deeb last week on Dynamite. It was arguably Swole’s best match in AEW to date.

Currently Big Swole is #2 in the women’s rankings behind Nyla Rose. I imagine they will save the Rose feud with Shida until Full Gear next month. It’s entirely possible that Rose makes her presence felt in this title match on Wednesday.

Rose was the second ever AEW women’s champ as she held the belt from February 2020 until late May when Shida beat Rose as the Double or Nothing PPV.

Shida has held the title for almost five months and I expect her to continue her reign until at least next month’s PPV.

I’m picking the champ to retain her belt this week against Big Swole. As of now, I just don’t buy into Big Swole. She does nothing for me in the ring other than her entrance music. The feud with Baker didn’t do enough to elevate Swole in my opinion.

Hikaru Shida will be a big favorite for this match and rightfully so. I’m looking forward to a renewed feud against Nyla Rose with Vickie Guerrero in her corner.

If they don’t go with Rose vs Shida next then it’s almost a guarantee that it will be Britt Baker to feud Shida and win the belt in November.

AEW Women’s World Title Match –Shida (NA)

AEW Tag Team Title Match

  • Best Friends (NA)
  • (C)FTR (NA)

The Best Friends (Trent and Chuck Taylor) are the #1 ranked challengers to the tag belts currently held by FTR with Tully Blanchard. The Best Friends earned this ranking and subsequent title shot by beating Santana and Ortiz in a very intense and entertaining street fight a few weeks ago on Dynamite.

Since then, FTR has mocked Best Friends including calling them backyard wrestlers. The Best Friends have responded with humorous insults as well. Additionally, there have been some confrontations the last two weeks, but nothing too physical.

AEW has done a great job building up this storyline on TV the last two weeks. FTR has become the top heel team in the promotion while also helping Best Friends to become arguably the top baby face team in AEW.

FTR won the tag belts at the All Out PPV by defeating Kenny Omega and Hangman Page who held the titles for eight months.

With a loaded lineup for the anniversary show, I can see this match being one of the best of the night. These two tag teams are talented and can really put on a great wrestling bout.

I expect this tag title match to be contested under FTR’s “brush with greatness” rules. Basically, the challengers have 20 minutes to try and win the match. I really enjoy this stipulation. In fact, I am enjoying everything about FTR since they aligned with Tully Blanchard.

Speaking of Blanchard, I expect the HOF wrestler to interfere in this match and help his tag team win the bout.

Although entertainment betting sites have yet to release betting odds, I do expect FTR to be a sizable betting favorite in this match.

AEW Tag Team Title Match –FTR (NA)

TNT Title Match

  • Orange Cassidy (+300)
  • (C)Cody (-500)

The TNT title officially started on May 23rd, 2020, at the Double or Nothing PPV when Cody Rhodes defeated Lance Archer for the inaugural title reign. That match was the conclusion of an entertaining tournament.

Cody would go on to hold the belt for five months before losing it to Mr. Brodie Lee on the August 13th episode of Dynamite. However, that episode didn’t officially air until August 22nd, which is when AEW recognized the title switch.

Brodie Lee would hold the belt until October 7th when he lost it to a returning Cody in a brutal dog collar match. This will certainly be a signature moment in AEW’s history as it was historic, intense, bloody and entertaining. Both men did a tremendous job.

Following that match, Cody announced that he would defend his newly won TNT title on the anniversary show. Orange Cassidy walked out to his music and stuck up his thumb to acknowledge that he wanted a title shot. Cody agreed without hesitation and gave a thumbs up back to OC.

This matchup features two of AEW’s most popular stars. Along with Moxley and Darby Allin, Cody and Cassidy are the two top baby face wrestlers in the promotion.

Since the agreement, Cody has had a little fun at the expense of Orange Cassidy via Twitter when he said that he would force Cassidy to do something he’s never done before in AEW – a collar and elbow lock up.

For those that don’t know, a collar and elbow lock up is the most common wrestling move other than striking with a fist or foot. It almost always signals the start of a match as the two wrestlers lock up and jockey for position.

Humor aside, this is going to be a great wrestling match as both men can perform at a high level. Furthermore, I expect them to tell a great story in this title bout.

One more note, the TNT title has become my favorite belt in AEW. On a weekly basis, the champ has put on solid matches and has made this belt feel more valuable than even the world title. That’s a great accomplishment for a secondary title.

AEW will have to decide whether or not to keep the belt on Cody or give Orange Cassidy the reward he deserves after his ascension up the ranks this year due to his feud against Jericho.

Cassidy lost in a TNT title match against Brodie Lee last month due to members of the Dark Order interfering. With that said, I am going with the upset for this match as I believe AEW would be making a huge mistake by having Cassidy lose.

Having Orange Cassidy lose a second time in a TNT title bout would definitely bring his momentum to a screeching halt.

The fans love Orange Cassidy and Cody is known for doing what’s best for business. What’s best for business, in my opinion, is having OC win the match.

TNT Title Match –Cassidy (+300)

AEW World Title Match

  • Lance Archer (+425)
  • (C)Jon Moxley (-833)

Jon Moxley enters this title match 19-0 in 2020 and having held the belt for almost eight months. He defeated the first ever AEW champ Chris Jericho at the Revolution PPV in February and has defended it against top stars like Brian Cage, Brodie Lee, Darby Allin and MJF.

So, it’s no surprise that Moxley is a heavy betting favorite for this world title match.

These two men fought each other at Wrestle Kingdom in January. It what was a bloody contest for the IWGP US championship and highly praised by fans and critics. Moxley would end up winning the bout.

Archer has done some media appearances over the last few weeks and acknowledged how proud he was of that Wrestle Kingdom match. He’s also given Moxley credit for his title run. However, Archer believes he will end up winning the AEW world title at the anniversary show:

“Jon’s still the champion. I’m the number one contender, and on October 14, it’s AEW’s Anniversary Show, and it’s before Full Gear, which is in November, but it’s gonna be live on TNT. Everybody in the world can watch me beat the crap out of Jon Moxley and take the title and become champion.”

Wrestling fans of AEW, WWE, New Japan, ROH, TNA and any other promotion all agree that Moxley has been a great champ for AEW. With that in mind, I do believe his time as champ is coming to an end sooner than later.

The only question I have is whether or not Moxley will lose the belt at the anniversary show, or at Full Gear, or at another PPV.

Archer is a ruthless, intimidating wrestler and has the legendary Jake “The Snake” Roberts as his manager. This is an entertaining duo that could take the belt into a new direction.

I’m really torn on which way to go. AEW could benefit from having Archer as the champ, but they could also benefit from keeping the belt on Moxley and letting him drop it to someone else like Kenny Omega or Hangman Page. I expect the winner of their tournament match to become the next champ in 2021.

For betting purposes, the smart play is on Moxley. With that said, Archer is worthy of a small flier as he’s definitely a credible option to carry the AEW world championship and he’s 13-1 on the year.

AEW World Title Match –Moxley (-833)

More Anniversary Show News, Notes and Possibilities

The following angles should or will take place on this week’s anniversary show:

Miro and Kip Sabian Will Be in Action

AEW has already announced that Miro and Sabian will be in tag team action on the anniversary show. However, they have not announced their opponents.

Since Miro’s debut a few weeks ago, his buzz has died down some. The current storyline of Miro being Saban’s best man and trying to put on the best bachelor party has been a dud.

AEW needs to spice up Miro’s direction ASAP. They can do so by having this tag team win a big match and shoot up the rankings for a future tag title opportunity or have Miro turn on Saban really soon.

Miro needs to be pushed as a beast, not as a gimmick sidekick to someone most AEW fans don’t really care about.

MJF Makes a “Career Defining Announcement”

With the way things have been going between MJF and Chris Jericho lately (teased tension), it’s inevitable that these two will clash at some point. I expect this announcement to further the tension and get us one step closer to an in-ring battle.

Chris Jericho to Appear in Some Meaningful Manner

As mentioned, I do expect Jericho to have a presence on this anniversary show. I can see AEW bringing him out as a guest announcer for some of the show considering how great he is on the mic.

Eventually, I believe Jericho will somehow be tied into this career defining announcement for MJF.

Final AEW Tournament Names Revealed

Over the last few weeks, AEW has slowly revealed the details of an eight man tournament to crown the next challenger for the world title. The tournament finals will be held at AEW’s next PPV Full Gear on November 7th.

Early reports are that the October 21st episode of Dynamite will host the four quarterfinal matchups with the October 28th episode hosting the two semifinal matchups.

This week’s anniversary show is expected to announce the last two names of the wrestlers that will round out the eight man field. The following wrestlers have already been announced as participants: Kenny Omega, Hangman Page, Fenix, Jungle Boy, Colt Cabana, and Wardlow.

As of now, these last two entrants are a mystery. If I had to guess, I would pick Brian Cage and Darby Allen or Jake Hager to be in this tournament.

Ultimately, I expect the Finals to be Hangman Page vs Kenny Omega at Full Gear. The winner of that match should end up becoming the next AEW champ.

Brodie Lee and The Dark Order Will Make an Impact

I don’t expect Lee and The Dark Order to be quiet for long. Despite losing the battle to Cody in a dog collar match, there’s still a lot of bad blood between The Nightmare Family and The Dark Order. Could we see The Dark Order cost Cody the TNT title?

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