AEW Winter Is Coming Betting

On Wednesday, December 2nd, AEW will be live from Daily’s Place in Jacksonvile, Florida, for what the wrestling company is promoting as their biggest episode of Dynamite ever.

This episode features an AEW world title match as Jon Moxley defends his belt against Kenny Omega. It really doesn’t get any better than this especially for free.

Also confirmed for this week’s Dynamite, which is titled “Winter is Coming,” is the Diamond Ring Battle Royal, a tag-team match between Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes vs Team Taz, Britt Baker vs Leyla Hirsch, and Chris Jericho vis Frankie Kazarian.

AEW betting sites have released their odds for many of the matches scheduled for the December 2nd edition of Dynamite. Let’s walk that aisle, slide under the bottom rope, and level our predictions from behind.

Women’s Singles Match

  • Britt Baker (NA)
  • Leyla Hirsch (NA)

Neither competitor are currently ranked in the women’s Top 5 rankings, which is rather surprising considering how popular Dr. Britt Baker is. The following is the latest women’s rankings as of November 25th:

  1. Big Swole
  2. Nyla Rose
  3. Serena Deeb
  4. Penelope Ford
  5. Anna Jay

Anna Jay just fought Shida last week on TV and lost in a very competitive match. She could fall out of the Top 5 and the winner of Baker vs Hirsch could jump into the rankings.

Britt Baker is the top female star in AEW even if she’s not in the rankings. Not only is she talented in the ring, but she’s also the best on the mic out of the entire women’s roster. That’s why AEW gave her a weekly segment on AEW DarkBritt Baker’s Waiting Room.

There really isn’t any reason to think Baker won’t win this match. The one thing we can hope for is that AEW continues the budding feud between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa.

The two have exchanged some heated messages on social media and then had a small run-in on Dynamite a few weeks ago when Thunder Rosa was trying to get her NWA world title back from Serena Deeb.

AEW would be wise to go with Baker vs Thunder Rosa because these are two ladies that could put on a great match. And, they’re two wrestlers who the fans actually care about. In other words, it’s a feud that would be “over” with the AEW faithful.

As for this match, it’s already “over” before it’s even started. Britt Baker will defeat Leyla Hirsch unless Thunder Rosa comes out and interferes.

Women’s Singles Match –Baker (NA)

Men’s Singles Match

  • Chris Jericho (NA)
  • Frankie Kazarian (NA)

It’s hard to believe that these two wrestlers have never competed against each other before. Yet, here we are with a first time matchup that has some of the diehard wrestling fans all geeked out. Combined, these two men have 52 years in the business.

As we already know, Chris Jericho has been wrestling for 30 years now. But, Kazarian has also been in the business for a few decades with a stellar 22 year career.

Now, Kazarian hasn’t been at the top of the sport like Jericho, but Frankie has been a tag team champ everywhere he’s wrestled including in AEW.

This matchup came about after a tag-team bout between Jericho & Hager vs SCU. Jericho had the rest of the Inner Circle outside the ring, which paid off as they helped their fellow members win the contest.

After the match, the Inner Circle ended up pummeling Kazarian and longtime partner Christopher Daniels. Scorpio Sky, the 3rd member of SCU, came out with a steel chair to save his partners.

A few minutes after this ordeal, Jericho and the Inner Circle were interviewed backstage where they made a big deal out of Kazarian punching MJF in the face. That resulted in Jericho challenging Kazarian to a match.

Jericho has given Kazarian his props on social media, but declares that he will win this week on Dynamite.

AEW could get some mileage out of a Kazarian vs Jericho feud as they’re both very talented in the ring and could put on a compelling multi-week storyline. It would give the Inner Circle something to do along with SCU for the next month.

Personally, I think it would be great if they had Kazarian win this match before the rest of the Inner Circle came out and attacked him. Kazarian could win via roll up or even have a member of SCU interfere to cost Jericho the win.

Although entertainment betting sites have yet to release odds as of this writing, Jericho will be the favorite in this matchup. He would be the safe play.

Men’s Singles Match –Jericho (NA)

Tag Team Match

  • Team Taz (NA)
  • Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes (NA)

At the Full Gear PPV last month, Darby Allin defeated Cody Rhodes to win the TNT title. It’s the first championship that Allin has won with the promotion. The young star is clearly a building block for the present and the future of AEW.

After he beat Rhodes for the belt, Team Taz members Ricky Starks and Brian Cage attacked Allin and Rhodes. That resulted in a tag-team match being made for the November 18th episode of Dynamite.

Cage and Starks would win the match. Afterwards, they started beating on Rhodes and Allin. Will Hobbs came out to fake like he was making the save before joining Team Taz and attacking Rhodes.

Last week on Dynamite, Taz unveiled the new look for “Powerhouse” Hobbs and also had his own personal run-in with Cody Rhodes where Taz choked him out from behind.

All of that leads us to this week’s matchup where Hobbs and Starks will take on Allin and Rhodes. I expect Brian Cage to be close by.

Furthermore, keep an eye on Taz and his son Hook who was ringside last week during the heated exchange between Cody and Taz.

As for the winners, I say AEW should keep having Team Taz win. It builds them up into a more powerful unit and keeps all three members relevant. Furthermore, it can lead to singles feuds with any Team Taz member versus Darby Allin for the TNT title or versus Cody Rhodes.

Currently, two of the Team Taz members, along with Cody Rhodes, are ranked in the Top 5 for the men’s division:

  1. Kenny Omega
  2. MJF
  3. Cody Rhodes
  4. Brian Cage
  5. Ricky Starks

I’m taking Team Taz to win this match by “hook or by crook.” Perhaps, we can see Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall team up with Cody to take on Team Taz in future matches. Either way, I don’t see this storyline ending anytime soon.

Tag Team Match –Team Taz (NA)

Dynamite Diamond Ring Battle Royal

  • MJF (-140)
  • Sammy Guevara (+200)
  • Wardlow (+200)
  • Hangman Page (+550)
  • Miro (+550)
  • Orange Cassidy (+550)
  • John Silver (+2000)
  • Matt Hardy (+2000)
  • Scorpio Sky (+2000)
  • Matt Sydal (+2500)
  • Alex Reynolds (+5000)
  • Isiah Kassidy (+5000)
  • Kip Sabian (+5000)
  • Marq Quen (+5000)
  • Shawn Spears (+5000)

Battle Royal Betting Favorites

The following wrestlers are the odds on favorites to win the Diamond Ring Battle Royal:

MJF (-140)

MJF won the first Diamond Ring Battle Royal last year and has used that ring as a prop for his character and in his matches. He certainly made the most of last year’s battle royal victory.

Now, MJF enters as the betting favorite to win this week’s second ever Diamond Ring Battle Royal. With two other members of Inner Circle in the battle royal alongside him, it’s easy to see why oddsmakers favor MJF. But, can the wrestling prodigy come away with the win?

Sammy Guevara (+200)

I am a bit surprised to see Sammy Guevara’s odds this high. He hasn’t won many big matches since coming to AEW and ultimately came away the loser from his long running feud against Matt Hardy who’s also in this match.
It’s hard to see Guevara getting the win over his fellow Inner Circle members and other wrestlers like Miro, Orange Cassidy and Hangman Page.

Wardlow (+200)

Can Wardlow step out of MJF’s shadow and win this battle royal? It’s certainly possible. The big man has all of the tools to become a star all on his own. In fact, Jim Ross and other AEW personalities tout Wardlow as a future world champ.

For that to happen, he would have to start winning some big matches like this battle royal. Yet, with his loyalty to MJF, it’s hard to see Wardlow getting the win at MJF’s expense.

Hangman Page (+550)

Hangman Page lost in the finals of the tournament at Full Gear to his former tag team partner Kenny Omega. The loss prevented Page from getting a title shot against Moxley this week.

Page is a future world champ, but we just don’t know when that “future” will become a reality. He and Omega held the tag team titles for most of 2020, but he’s yet to find that same success as a singles competitor.
Page offers value and I like him better than Wardlow and Guevara.

Miro (+550)

Miro is probably the one wrestler who could benefit from winning this match the most. The former WWE star has been in a silly gimmick since coming to AEW a few months ago. His in-ring work is still solid especially in the feud with Best Friends and Orange Cassidy.

However, a poor showing in this battle royal could knock more shine off of Miro and I don’t think AEW would be smart in doing that.

Best Battle Royal Betting Value

Speaking of Orange Cassidy, I think he offers the best value at +550 odds. He’s the breakout star of 2020 after a lengthy feud against Chris Jericho. Furthermore, he’s had strong matches for the TNT title against Brodie Lee and Cody Rhodes.

It was slightly surprising that AEW decided to go with Allin over Cassidy for the TNT title reign, but they can still keep Orange “fresh” with a big battle royal win.

Top Longshot to Win

Shawn Spears (+5000) is highly underrated and really needs to get back up into the Top 5 rankings. His gimmick and alliance with Tully Blanchard have gained a lot of traction over the last few months especially on AEW Dark.

If he can load up his glove and start knocking out people then he has a shot at winning this match.

Best Finishing Position

The following prop bets are designed for you to choose which wrestler in the head to head pairing will have the better finish in the Diamond Ring Battle Royal:

Sammy Guevara (+110) vs Wardlow (-150)

At some point, I believe that MJF will eliminate Sammy Guevara with or without the help of Wardlow. With that said, Guevara is not a final four contender in this match. Wardlow possibly is. Take the big man to have a better finish than Guevara.

Miro (-138) vs Orange Cassidy (+100)

In my opinion, Miro should win this battle royal. Yet, I can see Orange Cassidy eliminating him. Or possibly even a big man brawl between Wardlow and Miro. With that said, take Cassidy and the upset in this prop bet.

Where Will They Finish?

The following prop bets require you to choose where each wrestler will finish in the Diamond Ring Battle Royal:

Adam “Hangman” Page

  • Win or Top 4 (-275)
  • Any Other Outcome (+190)

I absolutely think that Page will be a final four contender in this match. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the man to eliminate Wardlow. Page is a strong option to win the battle royal.

Hangman Page to finish in the Top 4

Miro “The Best Man”

  • Win or Top 4 (-190)
  • Any Other Outcome (+134)

As mentioned, I believe Miro should win the battle royal. But, with where AEW has him in the current pecking order, it seems unlikely that “the best man” will bet the best man on Wednesday and get the win.

It’s also tough betting on Miro making it to the final four. He could be ganged up on and eliminated early or somehow distracted by Best Friends and eliminated. With that said, take the safe play here with a Top 4 finish, but realize that it is risky.

Miro to finish in the Top 5 (-190)

Orange Cassidy

  • Win or Top 4 (-225)
  • Any Other Outcome (+160)

I believe Cassidy will be in the Top 4 by time it’s all said and done. He’s just too popular to be eliminated before then unless Miro and Sabian cheat.

Orange Cassidy to finish in the Top 4 (-225)

Who Wins the Battle Royal?

My final four competitors are: MJF, Hangman Page, Orange Cassidy and Miro. From there, it really is anyone’s guess. The smart money is on MJF and it certainly would be funny seeing him with two rings and all the verbal craziness he will spew if he does win.

For me, I’m going against the oddsmakers and I’m taking Hangman Page to win the match. He needs to keep the singles momentum going and potentially line himself up for a world title shot in early 2021.

AEW World Title Match

  • (c)Jon Moxley (+200)
  • Kenny Omega (-295)

Jon Moxley has done an incredible job as the champ during 2020. It certainly hasn’t been easy with the pandemic and basically no fans for nearly nine months now. Yet, Moxley has kept the AEW world title feeling important all year long.

With that said, at some point AEW will need to put the title on someone else just for a different feel to the company. Moxley will still be a top star even without the belt, if he were to lose on Wednesday.

These two wrestlers met in 2019 and Moxley came away the winner. It’s partly why I think that AEW will go with Kenny Omega to win on Wednesday and take the promotion into a new direction heading into the New Year.

With his “cleaner” gimmick in full swing, Kenny Omega is back to being one of the best wrestlers in the world. He did his job putting over others and putting over the tag team belts. Now it’s time for Omega to put himself over by winning the world title.

It made perfect sense having Chris Jericho become the first AEW world champ and not Kenny Omega. It even made sense having Jon Moxley become the second champ by defeating Chris Jericho. Both men are huge stars in the American pro wrestling landscape.

However, now that AEW is over a year old and fans have embraced this promotion, the time has come where AEW needs to put the belt on arguably their best wrestler in Kenny Omega.

There’s a reason that many pro wrestling pundits, outlets and fans from around the world kept saying Omega was the best wrestler on the planet prior to joining AEW. Now, it’s time for AEW fans to see that as well.

Method of Victory

  • Pinfall (-625)
  • Other method (+350)

I am taking Kenny Omega to win the AEW world title on Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite. He might cheat or there might be outside interference, but Omega will still come away with the belt as he scores the pinfall victory.

On December 2nd, winter is coming, but so is the reign of Omega.

AEW Winner –Kenny Omega (-295), Pinfall (-625)

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