Anime-Inspired Magialt’s Kansas Panic Beta Launches 4th of July

Magialt’s Kansas Panic is a patriotic game that is currently in development, but the game’s beta is set to launch on the 4th of July. Developer Orange Studio announced that the game’s beta will be launched with features being added to those who want to try out the game in its current form.

Once fully developed, Orange Studio plans to release the game later this year. If you are interested in trying out Magialt’s Kansas Panic beta, you can download it from

Check out the trailer below:

The game is an anime-inspired cross between tower defense and bullet hell that takes place in the heartland of the USA during the Great War. From the trailer and the images of the game, we can clearly see that the aesthetics take you back to Nintendo GameBoy days, as it uses the colorless films from the 1900s.

You will have to defend your turf while dodging bullets and enemies that come your way. Stand your ground on the battlefield as the game’s retro-renditions of classic tunes play throughout the gameplay. This includes Stars and Stripes Forever, The Yellow Rose of Texas, and, of course, The Star-Spangled Banner.

The game puts you in control of Ulrica Sanford, the sweetest girl you will meet in Kansas City. She works as a part-time magical girl defending her hometown from the unseen forces that wish to cause despair and destruction.

Ulrica is not alone, as there are cute rodent species known as the Shaqea that help her with supplies and things that she will need to eliminate the terrifying forces that are in Kansas City. With the arsenal and the brave American spirit she has, she can show those monsters who their Uncle Sam is and keep America safe from their dirty hands.

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