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On Saturday, November 7th, AEW will be live from their home at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida, for Full Gear. By all accounts, this event is shaping up to be one of AEW’s best PPVs in its young existence.

All of AEW’s world titles will be on the line this weekend as world champ Jon Moxley takes on Eddie Kingston, tag champs FTR battle the Young Bucks, Cody defends the TNT title against Darby Allin, Hikaru Shida defends the women’s title against Nyla Rose, and Serena Deeb even defends the NWA title.

Yet, out of all of these world title matches, it’s the tournament finals match between Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page that gets the top billing as they will close out the show in the main event match of the night.

As of this writing, there are nine confirmed matches for Full Gear with at least one of them scheduled for their Buy-In show that starts at 7PM ET. The PPV portion of this event begins at 8PM ET.

Online betting sites have released their odds for this PPV. So, let’s walk that aisle, step over the top rope, go eye to eye with this Full Gear betting odds, and make some championship winning predictions.

NWA Women’s Title Match

  • Serena Deeb (NA)
  • Allysin Kay (NA)

It was just announced on the November 4th episode of Dynamite that Serena Deeb will defend her NWA world title at Full Gear against Allysin Kay.

Prior to this announced match, Kay had made a statement on social media that she was done with the NWA. So, it’s interesting that AEW jumped quickly at the chance to book her in a title match against Deeb.

Serena Deeb defeated Thunder Rosa for the NWA women’s world title on October 27th, at an Indy show then defended it the next day on Dynamite against Leyla Hirsch who she beat in a competitive match.

Kay was a former NWA women’s champ and could be a boost to any women’s division. It was a smart move for AEW to book her right away. I would imagine if she has a strong showing against Deeb on Saturday that the company could be looking at giving her a contract.

As for the winner of this match, there’s no doubt in my mind that Deeb will retain the title. With the way that AEW is booking her, combined with Kay just leaving the NWA, there’s no way that Deeb loses this belt on Saturday. With that said, I do expect a solid Buy-In match showcasing both wrestlers.

NWA Women’s Title Match –Deeb (NA)

AEW Singles Match

  • Orange Cassidy (-625)
  • John Silver (+350)

This match was originally scheduled for the Buy-In show, but with the addition of the NWA women’s title match the Orange Cassidy vs Silver bout was bumped to the PPV.

After two weeks in a row of Orange Cassidy vs Cody for the TNT championship, AEW found a way to divert Cassidy’s path towards a feud with Silver instead of continuing to chase after Cody.

The first TNT title match ended in a draw as the two men wrestled to the 20 minute time limit. Their rematch was a lumberjack match that ended with Cody successfully retaining the belt after chaos broke out amongst the lumberjacks.

Prior to Cody getting the pin, John Silver got into the ring and attacked Cassidy rendering him incapacitated which made it easy for Cody to hit his finisher and get the win.

This week on Dynamite, Silver and his Dark Order peers attacked Cassidy at the beginning of the show. However, Orange got a measure of revenge in the closing moments of the episode as he laid out Silver.

Despite this match not being as high profiled as others on the card, it could be a great opener for the PPV as these two wrestlers are strong performers in the ring. Silver is an underrated wrestler that many of his peers have been talking up in media interviews.

If they give this match enough time, the action could really set the tone for the rest of the show. With that said, there’s no way that Orange Cassidy loses on Saturday. He’s one of the promotion’s rising stars and he needs a solid PPV win to send him into another interesting program.

AEW Singles Match –Cassidy (-625)

The Elite Deletion Match

  • Matt Hardy (-188)
  • Sammy Guevara (+134)

This feud has gone on since the spring after Matt Hardy debuted with AEW and eventually teamed up with The Elite to battle the Inner Circle. In May, these two factions had a PPV battle at the Double or Nothing PPV which was a memorable moment for the company.

Although the two factions would go separate ways, Hardy and Guevara would continue their feud throughout the summer and into the All Out PPV in September. At that event, Hardy would defeat Sammy in a Broken Rules match.

Yet, during their continued feud, both men had sustained some injuries along the way which has prolonged the storyline. Now, it appears that this feud could finally be wrapping up. With that in mind, there’s no better way to conclude a feud than to have the younger Guevara win.

In wrestling, there’s a cycle where established stars help to create new stars. Without stars, promotions won’t succeed.  Chris Jericho showed how this cycle is done by elevating Orange Cassidy in their feud which saw Cassidy win their final match.

I expect the same to happen with Hardy and Guevara this weekend. Moneyline bet on Guevara and hopefully watch her propel down the path of individual success.

The Elite Deletion Match –Guevara (+134)

AEW Singles Match to Join the Inner Circle

  • Chris Jericho (+200)
  • MJF (-295)

When it comes to a storyline, very few are on the same level as Chris Jericho. Not only can he sell a feud on the mic, but he can also help to come up with creative ways to make a feud exciting, interesting and feel like it’s the most important storyline in a promotion.

Once again, just look what he did with Orange Cassidy. They didn’t fight for a championship, but their matches felt on the same level as a world title match because of the buildup and because of Jericho.

Yet, now, AEW has a star that is like a 24 year old version of Jericho in MJF who is almost on par with “The Demo God” when it comes to mic work and storytelling.

Over the last month or so, their interactions picked up to the point where MJF finally asked to join Jericho’s group The Inner Circle.

At first, Jericho said they would have to talk about it further over dinner. We all know what happened at that dinner. It turned out to be one of the most entertaining and surprising skits in the history of pro wrestling as Jericho and MJF did a musical number together. It was fantastic!

From there, the next step was to have a Town Hall session on Dynamite the following week. Wrestlers made their points about MJF joining The Inner Circle and it ended up with Guevara and Santana challenging Wardlow and MJF to a match.

On the November 4th episode of Dynamite, MJF and Wardlow won that match. Afterwards, MJF attacked Chris Jericho due to “Le Champion” saying that MJF was “soft.”

This all leads to their PPV match where if MJF wins, he will become a member of The Inner Circle.

MJF and Jericho equal ratings success, enjoyable segments and something that the fans really enjoy. So, there’s no way that the AEW would blow a chance to finally put these two together in a group. Plus, The Inner Circle needs a breath of fresh air which MJF provides.

MJF will win this match on Saturday. The only question is to how dastardly and devious MJF will be to get the victory. Look for MJF to cheat to win and that to become a running joke or bickering between the two.

AEW Singles Match to Join the Inner Circle –MJF (-295)

AEW Women’s Title Match

  • (c)Hikaru Shida (-138)
  • Nyla Rose (+100)

Of all the AEW world title matches, this one has the least buildup. In fact, it also has the least interest.

Champion Hikaru Shida is a strong worker in the ring, but she is not entertaining on the mic. In fact, she can’t sell a match with promos and doesn’t help to build interest. If it weren’t for Nyla Rose’s “manager” Vickie Guerrero then this match would be a complete dud in its buildup.

Inside the ring, I expect these two wrestlers to have a solid match with some stiff shots. For AEW’s sake, they really need to get the belt off of Shida and onto Rose for the immediate future.

Guerrero and Rose would do a better job at making the belt feel relevant instead of Shida who spends more time in the crowd than defending the belt.

It’s inevitable that Britt Baker will become the champ at some point, which is when this belt will really feel special. Until then, AEW needs to do what they can to make the belt as relevant as possible. Even the NWA women’s belt feels more important due to the solid matches they have had for that belt.

Vickie will interfere and help Nyla Rose to become the AEW women’s champion once again.

AEW Women’s Title Match –Rose (+100)

AEW Tag Team Title Match

  • (c)FTR (-115)
  • The Young Bucks (-115)

Here’s a match that has been years in the making. These two tag teams have bantered with each other, along with diehard fans for both teams, over which one is the best tag team in pro wrestling. The debates always led to a dream match between the two teams.

Now, that dream becomes a reality as these two teams will face each other at Full Gear for the AEW tag titles.

I must admit, the build to this match has not met expectations or the fan hype. I’m sure these two teams will put on a great match at Full Gear, but the buildup has been lacking.

FTR has attacked The Young Bucks on more than one occasion and even injured Matt Jackson’s ankle. This was played up on the November 4th episode of Dynamite. Yet, it feels rather pointless to do something like this. It’s almost as if they are building an excuse for The Young Bucks to lose.

And, if the Bucks do lose then they will never get to challenge for the AEW tag team titles again. This stipulation was added by the Young Bucks themselves. It’s a stipulation that their friend Cody had used in his feud with Jericho for the AEW world title. Cody lost and has never challenged for that belt since then.

If The Young Bucks lose this match, it would feel repetitive to what Cody did. Keep in mind, they have not held the tag belts as of yet despite fans believing they would be the first ever AEW tag champs.

With that said, I think that the Bucks will somehow pull out the victory, but this feud is far from over. It would be great if Sting showed up and nullified Tully Blanchard to help the Bucks win.

Either way, take the Young Bucks to capture the tag titles from FTR on Saturday.

AEW Tag Team Title Match –Young Bucks (-115)

TNT Title Match

  • (c)Cody (-166)
  • Darby Allin (+120)

The big news heading into this match is that Cody can now use his wrestling last name of Rhodes moving forward. The WWE finally let go of their trademark over his name. This means he no longer has to be called just Cody. Although small to some, this news is a big deal for the Rhodes family name and fans.

The TNT title has become one of the company’s best storylines week in and week out. For the most part, Cody has done a great job defending the belt, building up its value, and putting over other talent.

Both Ricky Santana and Eddie Kingston got their starts with AEW and contracts because of their TNT title matches. Brodie Lee looked like an absolute monster when he ended Cody’s title reign. However, their dog collar rematch for the TNT title was a historic moment for AEW and for this belt.

This weekend, Cody will defend the belt against a rising star in Darby Allin who’s also a fan favorite and a wrestler that the promotion feels strongly about. His unique wrestling style and personality have helped him become one of AEW’s brightest young stars.

Allin has been locked into a feud with Team Taz for quite some time. Just this week on Dynamite, Taz threatened that his team will be at Full Gear despite not having a match. They will make their presence known. Does that mean Team Taz will interfere in this match?

Personally, I would like to see Cody keep this belt for a while longer. He has elevated the status of this belt and the segments of Dynamite where he defends the title. I think that AEW should continue this trend for the rest of 2020 before putting the belt on someone else.

The easiest thing to do for this match is to have Team Taz interfere and cost Allin the title or make it so that nobody wins. It could set up feuds between all four men moving forward as well.

The other argument here is that Allin could become an even bigger star by winning this belt and defending it on Dynamite each week. As we mentioned above, it’s all about building new stars.

I think Allin’s time should come in early 2021. I’m taking Cody to retain the title on Saturday.

TNT Title Match –Cody (-166)

AEW World Title “I Quit” Match

  • (c)Jon Moxley (-2000)
  • Eddie Kingston (+700)

Jon Moxley is the largest betting favorite for the entire Full Gear PPV. That’s largely due to the fact that most fans and critics don’t think that Moxley will lose. At least not to someone like Eddie Kingston. Nevertheless, these two have really done a great job selling the match via their mic work.

AEW didn’t set out to have these two fight for the world title at Full Gear, but they ended up there largely due to Kingston’s work.

Over the last few months, he’s really become a captivating wrestler with his mic work. Kingston is a natural born talker and that’s evident every time he gets on the mic.

Then you add the backstory of how Moxley and Kingston were friends on the indies and how Kingston feels betrayed that Moxley left him behind. That little bit of history made this feud become more personal and more intense, which also made it become more entertaining.

The two wrestled against each other on the September 23rd episode of Dynamite and Moxley won by making Kingston pass out to his chokehold. Yet, Kingston kept saying every week that he never tapped out and that he wasn’t pinned.

Furthermore, Kingston kept bringing up how he was never eliminated from the battle royal that Lance Archer won, which gave him a world title shot on the October 14th episode of Dynamite.

Moxley would beat Archer in a stiff match to retain the title. After the match, Kingston attacked Moxley and lit a fire with this storyline.

Both men have put out excellent promos and vignettes in the buildup for this match. In fact, it was a perfect example of how to follow a longstanding formula in this business. If AEW could’ve done this for their tag title match, it would’ve felt more important as well. But, I digress.

The wrestling fan in me would love to see a wrestler like Eddie Kingston become the AEW world champ. Unfortunately, that’s just not going to happen. Moxley has had the belt since February and he’s not going to lose it until a wrestler the caliber of Kenny Omega beats him.

Kingston and Moxley will have a terrific match on Saturday. It will be brutal, bloody and very compelling. But, it will also be a successful defense for Moxley.

AEW World Title “I Quit” Match –Moxley (-2000)

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals

  • Hangman Adam Page (+400)
  • Kenny Omega (-769)

It’s highly uncommon that a non-title match ends up as the main event of the PPV especially an event where every world title is on the line. However, that is the case here as the tournament finals will close out the show. And, it is a fantastic choice by AEW.

Owner Tony Kahn commented on the excitement and the importance of this match in a recent interview:

“It’s a match we’ve built up for over a year since the beginning of the Hangman/Kenny partnership. This is a culmination of some of the best TV matches and pay per view matches of not just the past year but of the past decade and I think it’s going to be as good as any match on the card, probably the best match on the card, has the potential to be…and it could very well shape the future of the company.

These are two of our biggest stars, they were our greatest tag team, and now this is our biggest rivalry. And the fact is the tournament is a culmination of some great TV too, so I just think that the Hangman and Kenny match is so much to be excited about and I think it’s going to be one of our best.”

I don’t need to restate what Khan has perfectly summed up. This match is the culmination of a storyline that’s lasted over a year and it’s two of their top stars.

If Page and Omega deliver a bout to their full potential then it will end up as AEW’s match of the year and quite possibly the best match in all of pro wrestling for 2020.

As for the winner, pro wrestling betting sites clearly favor Kenny Omega. And, I have to agree.

Prior to the start of AEW, Kenny Omega was the best wrestler in the world. He was an international superstar that could do it all in the ring. The first year of AEW saw Omega help elevate others and also build up the tag division. This was all done by design.

Now, the plans are for Omega to be the star that he was and to really “clean” up the competition. I expect Omega to win this great match and go on to challenge Moxley for the world title.

In addition to the idea of Omega becoming a world champ, he and Moxley already have a backstory as they feuded when Moxley joined AEW last year.

Although there’s no betting value to Omega winning, there’s plenty of entertainment value for “The Cleaner” to win this match.

AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals –Omega (-769)

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