Betting on DreamHack Masters Winter 2020


DreamHack Winter 2020 betting opportunities are live! There’s a bunch of stuff to choose from and we’re here to make sure you make the right choice!

There are still a few more massive CSGO events to be played before the end of this dreadful year! DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 is the first of the bunch, bringing forth four events with $250,000 in prize money. The European event is by far the most interesting one; it’s the event we’ll be focusing on for our DreamHack Winter 2020 betting tips.

Besides the EU, DH Winter is set to host separate events for North America, Asia, and Oceania as well. They will feature fewer teams and much lower prize pools. Worry not, though, as all the best teams in the world are currently residing in the Old Continent.

Unfortunately, Evil Geniuses will not be able to participate in this event. They were supposed to play on both BLAST Premier Fall Showdown and DreamHack Masters Winter, but couldn’t travel back to Europe due to international travel restrictions.

What does all of this mean to your average CSGO betting enthusiast?

  • A – top-tier NA teams traversing the Atlantic pond to fight in Europe means a highly competitive European event. Get your bets in before it’s too late!
  • B – EG stepping down from two events means Cloud9 and Heroic get to show off their might. Who knows, perhaps they’ll create a surprise or two…

Is Finding Proper CSGO Betting Websites Difficult?

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The thing with online esports bookmakers being at the forefront isn’t necessarily a good thing. At best, it’s a double-edged sword that might confuse or even frighten newcomers. You see, finding online bookmakers is fairly easy considering their sheer quantity.

However, finding adequate bookies that excel in all departments (customer service, low profit margin, ease of use, mobile-friendliness, etc) could be far more troublesome. Luckily, if you click the link at the start of this paragraph, we’ll take you to our in-depth esports betting guide. Yes – it includes a short list featuring the best esports bookies out there. You’re welcome!

Which CSGO Betting Options Are Available for This Event?

Five days before the start of the event, you can already find a bunch of interesting DreamHack Winter 2020 betting options. Outright winner betting options are available too, and not just for the European event. The NA iteration got some love too, although I honestly wouldn’t recommend investing in that one… unless you possess vast knowledge on tier-B NA CSGO.

We’ve also noticed the return of another long-awaited special – least/most played map. Yep, you can bet on the least and most played maps on the European DH Winter iteration. It’s not something I like that much, but it’s a great sight to see considering CSGO’s recent issues with long-term bets.

Match-wise, the options greatly vary from bookie to bookie. Some offer match-winners and nothing but match-winners. Others have a much deeper approach with map-winner options, as well as total maps, highest-rated player, correct score, and more. DreamHack Winter 2020 betting campaign won’t lack bet variety, that’s for sure!

DH Winter 2020 Betting Preview – Interesting Facts

In total, DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 features $250,000 in prize money. The biggest share, $150,000, goes to the European event which is set to feature sixteen top-tier teams from NA and EU.

Prize Pool Distribution

  • European DH Winter
  • North American DH Winter
  • Asian DH Winter
  • Oceanian DH Winter

European and North American events start on Monday, November 30th. Asian and Oceanian iterations start a day later- They are all set to end on the same day – Sunday, December 6th.

Key Storylines

Moving on with our DreamHack Winter 2020 betting preview, we need to focus key storylines of several contestants. We’re mainly focusing on the European event here. The same goes for the rest of this piece too. As mentioned earlier, all top-flight NA teams are participating in Europe because of better competition and higher prize pools, significantly lowering the quality of other installments.

No worries, we’ll address the remaining three DH Winter events too, bet it in a much shorter fashion.


All eyes are on Complexity coming into this one. Many DreamHack Winter 2020 betting enthusiasts have high hopes for Complexity… Should they really? Well, it all depends on how their newest arrival, jks, performs on such a big event. If the Aussie continues to impress under new colors, I’m sure Complexity will reach an admirable result here.

Complexity fans have every right to hope for the best! Thus far, jks has been pretty good for them. And he’s joined just recently, barely having any time to settle in… But the Aussie is showing real tenacity and could be the key player in Complexity’s DH Winter campaign.

BlameF and k0nfig are not to be taken for granted either. The Danish duo has been nothing but exceptional over the last few months. Jks has one heck of a competition in Complexity, but I’m sure his class will profit off BlameF’s and K0nfig’s excellent form.

Complexity are currently playing BLAST Premier Fall Showdown. They were successful against Sprout in the opening round and now face Cloud9 for a chance to reach the final stage. If they win in both matches, they’ll get their BLAST Premier Fall Finals ticket… which could turn into a hefty prize next month.


Let’s focus on Astralis, the team everyone expects to win DreamHack Masters Winter 2020. While I do think their role as the favorite team is justifiable even though they showcased shady displays on the last three events, betting-wise, I wouldn’t recommend Astralis if you’re looking for raw value. The value just isn’t there, as simple as that. There are far better outright winner betting options available and we’ll address them later on!

For now, let’s turn our attention back to Astralis. They’ve announced their comeback early last month with ESL Pro League S12 EU title. But they failed to get some consistency up and running with mediocre results on DH Open Fall, BLAST Premier Regular Season and IEM XV Beijing.

Device is still the first name on the players’ sheet! The 25-year-old Danish star has been in the top ten CSGO players lists for a few years already. He’s a top-class player, one with enough flair and wits to singlehandedly push maps in his team’s direction.

Astralis’ DH Winter expedition starts with GODSENT in the first round. GODSENT’s form leaves much to be desired, meaning Astralis shouldn’t have any major issues. But, their second opponent will be either Liquid or Mousesports, both very capable teams that’ll put Astralis to the test.

G2 Esports

Now let’s talk about G2 Esports! The French organization has had yet another roster alteration that will hopefully put them one step closer to the top of the CSGO food chain. And, this time around, it might be just enough. As you’ve probably heard by now, G2 acquired NiKo from Faze Clan in what’s certainly the biggest transfer in CSGO history. If that’s not a sizeable roster alteration (a positive one, of course), then I don’t know what is…

What sort of a display can we expect from G2 here? Well, their fans and pretty much everyone involved with the team expect a title run. Come to think of it, winning titles is somewhat of an imperative for G2 now that NiKo is in the starting lineup. Such a massive signing was always going to increase expectations…

G2 are scheduled to play against Sprout in the first round of this event. Their second-round opponents will be the winner of FURIA vs. North… probably FURIA, if we’re being real here. And while the Brazilians will pose a major threat for G2’s DH Winter title aspirations, I’m sure NiKo and the boys will give their best to reach the playoffs without lower bracket complications.


Next up, FURIA! This Brazilian team had a rough start to their European endeavor but looks like they’ve finally settled in and grown accustomed to life on the old continent. A quick reminder, FURIA went through a catastrophic BLAST Premier Fall regular season but kickstarted their Showdown campaign with a win… so they might still qualify for the Finals after all.

Who’s making all the right moves in this FURIA roster? Who’s the key player? Well, I’d like to point out two guys here – yuurih and HEN1. They’ve been spectacular in recent months and everyone expects more of the same here. Can they provide? Well, I’m afraid only time will tell…

If you’re thinking of betting on DreamHack Masters Winter 2020, FURIA might be the perfect team to opt for. They’re going up against North in the first round in what should be a value-packed matchup. The same ought to be true for the second round too, assuming both G2 and FURIA go through. But, I’m not sure if a match-winner on FURIA would do you any good in that match. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of CSGO to be played till then, but it’s a realistic scenario nonetheless.


Yep, you must’ve heard it by now – Cloud9 will be replacing Evil Geniuses on this event. This drastically changes our DreamHack Winter 2020 betting opportunities as EG were the favorites in this part of the bracket. But, with Cloud9 in the equation now, things are looking a bit different.

That’s not to say Cloud9 is a much weaker team. They’ll have their chance, that’s for sure. With a heavily altered roster packed with players who are ready to make names for themselves, they could be the surprise of this event.

Cloud9 has solid odds of reaching the playoffs without suffering through the lower bracket hassle. It’s a far stretch, that I’m well aware of, but it’s not impossible. If they sweep Gambit in the opening round, which they should, they’ll be a tough cookie to crack for either Complexity or ENCE.

Everyone expects a lot from woxic and es3tag. C9 fans will expect them to showcase their individual brilliance. Fingers crossed kassad has enough intel on Gambit to push C9 through to the upper bracket final. If they get there, they’ll have the upset potential needed to take down the likes of ENCE and Complexity.

A Quick Look into the NA Event

The North American event lacks proper seriousness. Without teams like FURIA, Evil Geniuses, and Team Liquid, it’s just not the same. I’m sure it won’t be as bad as most people predict, but betting on teams like Triumph, Chaos, and NE Whalers just isn’t my thing.

But I guess we have to give some concrete DreamHack Winter 2020 betting predictions for the NA event, so here goes nothing:

I reckon we’ll see Chaos and Triumph in the grand finals. Yep, group A holds both grand finalists in my books. Everything is set perfectly for Chaos and Triumph to settle their differences in the grand finals… assuming Rebirth and Rugratz don’t create an upset or two.

Which team is going to win? Well, bookies seem to favor Chaos, which is understandable considering their recent IEM XV Beijing NA triumph. However, Triumph and TeamOne will be there to spice things up… Perhaps NA DH Winter won’t be such a boring event after all…

DH Winter 2020 Asia and Oceania 101

What’s there to be said about the two smallest DH Winter events? Well, Oceania has a clear favorite – Renegades! They are the team to beat in the region, and I reckon they shouldn’t have major issues with securing the title here.

Asia, on the other hand, could have a tougher battle on their hands. TYLOO and Vici are the two figures at the top. Looking at the tournament format, it’s likely that we’ll see TYLOO and Vici fight twice. First in the upper bracket final and then in the grand final Bo5.

Outright Betting on DreamHack Masters Winter

We’re almost done, boys! There’s just one more thing we need to address before wrapping everything up!

Yep – you’ve read that correctly – DreamHack Winter 2020 betting on the outright winner is going to be a thing! In fact, it already is a thing with several prominent CSGO betting websites already featuring outright winner odds on the European event.

Let’s check them out real fast:

Team Odds
Astralis +325
Heroic +425
G2 +550
Complexity +700
FURIA +700
Liquid +1100
Mousesports +1700
Faze +2200
Sprout +2400

As I stated earlier, Astralis are the main favorites to take DH Masters Winter 2020 title. Heroic is the surprising name right above them. Heck, two Danish teams finally standing shoulder to shoulder, topping the outright winner odds of a pretty significant event. The Scandinavian CSGO scene has never been stronger!

At +325, Astralis is the safest option you can go with here. At a medium stake, it will give a hefty return. If, however, you’re looking for a slightly riskier low-stake opportunity, G2 at +550 seems rather interesting. NiKo is looking for the first title with G2 – the Balkan-powered G2 might be the biggest surprise here!

With those words, I’d like to wrap things up and call it a day!

Don’t forget, the two main DH Winter 2020 events start next Monday. Make sure you get your wagers in early, especially if you’re going to bet on CSGO futures!

Thanks for taking the time and reading the whole piece. Fingers crossed we hit all the sweet spots…

Pavo out!

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