Betting on Gymnastics at the 2021 Summer Olympics

The 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan are fast approaching and are attracting a lot of wagering attention already. Gymnastics stands as one of the most popular of all the sports contested at the Games, and bettors like to speculate on the action. That’s why it’s a good idea to take a look at the gymnastics betting scene with the Games coming up so soon.

After the Olympics were postponed last summer, they finally make their return, beginning on July 23. That means it’s been five years since the last Summer Games in 2016, which has fans eagerly awaiting the start of the action, perhaps more than in previous years. And one of the sports which stands out is gymnastics, as the best leapers, tumblers, vaulters, and dancers from all over the world convene in search of the highest scores on the biggest possible stage.

Because it isn’t a sport that gets a lot of mainstream media attention in the time between Olympics, many people can’t wait for the gymnastics action to return. Fans of the sport might not even realize that there is a system in place whereby they can legally bet on the action. And what better time to get started than with the 2021 Summer Olympics gymnastics action.

Real Money Gymnastics Wagering

Just as you can bet legally these days on major professional sports such as football or basketball, you can also do so on events such as the Olympics. The best way to do that is to use sports gambling sites which are located in areas where such activity is legal. That might mean a state-sanctioned site or even gambling sites located overseas.

If you’re a gymnastics fan, you probably have strong opinions on who the top gymnasts and teams are that will be performing in this year’s Olympics. You can turn those opinions into profit by making wagers. Even casual fans can dip into the action as long as they go about it with some good strategy in place as they make their wagers.

In the following article, we’re going to shine a spotlight on 2021 Summer Olympics gymnastics betting. We’ll tell you how it all works, what kinds of bets you might be able to make, and what strategies will help you be successful. On top of all that, we’ll let you know when all the action will take place and who the top athletes are that you should be monitoring for your real money gymnastics wagers.

The Basics of Olympics Gymnastics Wagering

It’s hard to find a sport more closely associated with the Summer Olympics than gymnastics. Many of the most well-known superstars and iconic performances in Olympics history come from the sport. It’s for that reason there is such fam interest in the sport, and it doesn’t take too much for fan interest to make the leap to betting interest.

Yet many people who want to take part in Olympics gymnastics betting might not have an idea how it all works. They also might not be aware of how you legally make it happen. Here are the two basic methods you can utilize for Olympics gymnastics wagering:

  1. Bet in person at a legal sportsbook near you. You would go to the site with the specifics of your bet and the money you want to wager and bet either teller or self-wagering kiosk.
  2. Bet over the internet at sports gambling websites.

For the sake of our discussion here, we’re going to focus on the second method. Many people reading this won’t have a physical sportsbook near them. But all you need to access a real money mobile sports betting site is a connected device.

We suggest that you stick to websites that you trust and can be relied upon to protect your personal and financial information. Overseas websites are unregulated, which means you won’t have any way to recoup losses if you’re treated unfairly. That’s why you should stick to the following, which we consider to be the best Olympics sports gambling sites:

  • BetUS
  • MyBookie
  • BetOnline

To get started at these sites, you just have to do the following:

  1. Register for an account by providing some basic information as required by the site
  2. Fund your account by providing some sort of bankroll, which can come from credit cards or alternative methods of payment like cryptocurrency
  3. Activate any bonuses offered by the site to help your gambling bottom line
  4. Make your wagers
  5. Request payback from the site

It’s as simple as that in terms of getting started at sites that allow 2021 Summer Olympics gymnastics wagering. Now it’s just a matter of learning how to make your bets. Read on to find out how that works.

Making Wagers on Gymnastics for the 2021 Olympic Games

Once you’ve decided on a gambling site and have registered for and funded an account, you’re ready to start making wagers. You just need to find the page where the Olympic wagers are included and pick out the wager you want to make. From there, you need to provide the following information:

  • Which outcome you’re choosing for your bet
  • How much you want to wager

When you get to the page with the gymnastics bets, you’ll see odds that feature a number of at least 100 preceded by either a plus or a minus. This is the moneyline. The moneyline is the most basic betting format found in online wagering, and it will likely be in place for any gymnastics wagers that you want to make.

Reading the moneyline is easy once you understand that a foundation of $100 is the key to unlocking it. When you see the line, the following is true:

  • If the number has a minus before it, it means you must bet that amount to win $100.
  • If the number has a plus before it, it means that you must bet $100 to win that amount.

Let’s give you an example. Suppose an Olympics gymnastics bet has the following lines attached to it:

  • Choice A: -200
  • Choice B: +250

In this example, Choice A is the favorite. If you wager $200 and you’re right, you’ll win $100 worth of profit. On the other hand, if you wager $100 on Choice B, you’ll win $250 of profit if the bet is correct.

As you consider this example, keep in mind that you don’t have to wager the amounts above. The moneyline can be adjusted for any possible wager that you make. What it does is set up a ratio for bet and win amount:

  • Choice A pays $1 for every $2 you wager
  • Choice B pays $2.50 for every $1 you wager

As a result, you can then figure out the following potential win totals:

  • $50 on Choice A pays $25
  • $200 on Choice A pays $100
  • $500 on Choice B pays $1,250

The moneyline might look odd the first time that you see it. But once you’ve made bets with it, it becomes second nature. Remember that the oddsmaker isn’t so much trying to predict the outcome with the moneyline, but rather set it up so that there is roughly the same amount of money bet on all the outcomes included.

Types of Olympics Gymnastics Bets

There are 14 different medal events that will take place during the 2021 Summer Olympics in the sport of gymnastics. Winners take home the gold, while second-place gets the silver and third-place the bronze. In addition to the individual events, the top countries will compete in a team event to determine gymnastic bragging rights among nations.

That leaves plenty of opportunities for oddsmakers to break apart these events into different wagers in which you can partake. Don’t be surprised if each site you visit has a slightly different set of betting offerings when it comes to gymnastics. Here is a breakdown of the main types you might encounter at these sites.

Gold Medal Winners

The Olympics shine a spotlight on those athletes that are the best in their particular discipline and win the gold medal. Gambling websites are no different, as the most common type of gymnastics wager offered by them is centered on which individual athlete or team will win the gold. You’ll get a series of choices and then you can make your pick.

You Might Be Able to Find Those Odds Right Now With the Games Still More Than a Week Away

These types of bets, also known as futures, let you speculate on an event well before it takes place. The lure is that you can often get valuable odds from futures bets, but you also run the risk that your choice will have an injury, won’t make the final, or will have something else befall them that hurts their chances once the competition begins.

No matter when you make the bet, a gymnastics gold medal wager will feature a list of the top candidates with moneyline odds. The favorites will have the lowest odds, but still could provide value if they’re not an overwhelming choice. And underdogs are the best way for you to win a lot on a single gymnastics wager.

Two-Choice Wagers

Two choice wagers narrow your betting options down to two, which greatly increases your chances of winning compared to those bets with more than two possible outcomes. In terms of 2021 Summer Olympics gymnastics wagers, these bets are often rewritten in a way that narrows the choices to two. Casual bettors might prefer this type of wager, as you’d only have to make one choice and won’t have to consider other possibilities.

For an example of this bet, consider the gymnast Simone Biles. If you wanted to speculate on her possibility of winning the All-Around Women’s Gold Medal, you can make a bet on her as part of many choices in this wager:

“Who Will Win the Women’s All-Around Gymnastics Competition?”

Doing it that way, you could either bet on Biles, or you could bet on one of the other women included. You have to pick the right choice out of what could be several selections. It might not be an easy bet to win, but it would probably pay decently in return.

But the bet could also be written this way:

“Will Simone Biles Win the Women’s All-Around Gymnastics Competition?”

Now there are just two choices: yes, she will win, or no, she won’t. Suddenly that becomes a much easier bet to hit. And it could still be lucrative for you if you take the underdog side and it comes in as winner.

Two-choice bets are good ideas for those who might be casual fans, as you can get lucky with an either-or pick even if you don’t know much about the sport. Keep in mid these two-choice wagers can be formed around any gymnastics event or maybe even to look at the gymnastics competition in general. Which is the perfect segue into gymnastics prop bets.

Gymnastics Prop Bets

A prop bet is an official version of the informal wagers you’ve probably been making with friends your whole life. If you’ve ever said to somebody, “I’ll bet you ten bucks that…,” you were proposing a wager to them. They could then take you up on the action or ignore it.

At sports betting websites, gymnastics prop bets are utilized by oddsmakers as a way of drawing betting interest. Their hope is that you’ll look at the terms they’ve proposed and perhaps take them up on their offer. Many prop bets range far afield from the basic breakdown of who is going to win an event.

In fact, you might be hard-pressed to find the same prop bet on any two sports gambling sites. Some are confined to specific events, while others take a look at Olympic gymnastics as a whole. Examples of gymnastics prop bets include:

  • What individual athlete will win the most gymnastics medals in the 2021 Olympic games?
  • Will there be a record broken in floor event scoring?
  • What will the final margin be for the Men’s team event?
  • Will Simone Biles sweep gold medals in every event?
  • Will a judge make a mistake with the scoring system?

As you can tell, these bets are really unlimited in terms of the ways that they can address the Olympics gymnastics competition. Just make sure if you’re going to wager on them that you research them in the same way that you would a normal bet. If not, you could find them working against you.

Advantages for Gymnastics Bettors

If you’re new to betting on Olympics events, you might be wondering if it’s a good idea for you to bet on gymnastics. It turns out that there are many reasons why the gymnastic action at top sports gambling sites can be to your advantage. Here are a few of them:

  • While sports gambling sites oddsmakers are experts in most sports, they might not be as familiar with gymnastics as they are with professional sports. Thus, if you are a follower of the sport, you might be able to spot some lines that aren’t representative of what might actually take place. And that’s when you can take advantage.
  • Even though the Summer Olympics only takes place once every four years (or In this case, one in every five), the athletes often compete against each other in world events all year round. That means you have some form that you can consult when you look to make your Olympic gymnastic wagers. And that will help you out, as opposed to events where the international circuit isn’t quite as involved.
  • If you’re betting on gymnastics, you have a chance to wager on Simone Biles. In terms of American athletes, Biles is perhaps the most well-known of them all thanks to her past Olympic success. Even on the world stage, she transcends her sport like only the all-time Olympic greats have managed to do.

2021 Olympic Gymnastics Wagering Strategy

It’s understandable if you haven’t been keeping up with the world of gymnastics over the past five years or so. That doesn’t disqualify you from winning money by betting on the various events. You can go into the wagers without much knowledge as long as you have an overall strategy that makes sense and governs the choices that you make.

These strategies are general enough that anyone can follow them, regardless of their depth of gymnastics knowledge. If you have them in place, it will prevent you from blindly making wagers without any real guidelines helping you out. A little bit of strategy can really go a long way.

Youth Is Served

The Olympics tend to be a showcase for young athletes for the most part, but that is really the case when it comes to gymnastics. Many of the best gymnastic performances of Olympics past have come from teenagers. That means that you shouldn’t be too scared by any inexperience in the athletes you’re thinking of choosing.

That also means that name recognition of athletes might actually be a detriment when you’re thinking of betting them. If you remember an athlete from the 2016 Summer Olympics, that means that they’ve aged five years since then. And that could put them at a disadvantage against the up and comers who don’t have that kind of wear and tear on their bodies.

Of course, Simone Biles is a major exception to all this, as she figures to be a major factor in just about every event she enters.

But you shouldn’t be afraid to take a shot on someone performing on the world stage for the first time this Summer Olympics. Those unheralded men and women could be the ones that sneak up and provide you with the best betting value of all.

The Usual Suspects

While the individual athletes dominating gymnastics tend to change from one Olympics to the next, the nations that provide those top gymnasts tend to be from a very small group. That means that the team competitions in gymnastics are two of the more predictable events in the entire Summer Olympics. You just have to pick one from that very tiny club of likely winners.

On the women’s side, no country besides Romania, Russia, China and the U.S. has medaled since 1988. And remember that there will be no Russian team this year because of the sanctions against them (although their individual gymnasts can still go for medals in their respective events.) That narrows the field even more.

In terms of the Men, the home country Japan and China have divvied up the golds over the past four years. It’s a bit more wide open in terms of the minor awards, as Romania, Great Britain, the Ukraine, and the United States have all medaled this millennium. That means you could have some more options for value on the men’s side.

Customizing Your Betting

What we mean by customizing your betting when it comes to Olympics gymnastics is that you should try to make the wagers that make the most sense for what you want to get out of the experience. If you do that, you’re more likely to have an outcome that you consider positive, because you’ll essentially be giving yourself a better chance of fulfilling your gambling desires. And that’s the main goal.

You could be the type that prefers the big score, which means a single bet that could make you a lot of money in a hurry. Of course, the bets that give you those chances are usually once that you have little chance of winning, such as an underdog nation somehow winning the gold in one of the gymnastics team events. If you’re all right with that risk, you should go for it.

But you also could be someone who is in the gymnastics betting for the possibility of making a profit, even if it’s a small one. If you choose to go in that direction, you should look for the either/or bets that you have a better chance of winning. That would mean sticking with mostly favorites in the hope that you could grind out a positive result over the course of the entire gymnastics betting experience.

2021 Olympics Gymnastics Schedule

Because of its popularity, Summer Olympics organizers like to come right out of the gate with the gymnastics events for the first half of the entire two weeks or so of action. This year is no different. Here is a look at when the key Olympics gymnastics events take place this year at Ariake Gymnastics Center in Tokyo.

  • July 23: Qualifying for individual and team events
  • July 24: Qualifying for individual and team events
  • July 26: Men’s team final
  • July 27: Women’s team final
  • July 28: Men’s individual All-Around final
  • July 29: Women’s individual All-Around final
  • August 1: Women’s vault and uneven bars finals; Men’s floor exercise and pommel horse finals
  • August 2: Women’s floor exercise final; Men’s rings and vault finals
  • August 3: Women’s balance beam final; Men’s parallel bars and high bar finals

Top Gymnasts to Watch in the 2021 Summer Olympics

It’s a good idea to go into the Olympics gymnastics action with at least a little bit of knowledge of the top participants. That’s especially true if you’re going to be wagering on the action. Here are the gymnasts who could be in the medal hunt often in Tokyo.

  • Simone Biles, United States: Biles is doing things out on the mats that not even the judges can quite understand. With another top Olympic performance, she could stake a claim as perhaps the greatest gymnast of all time. That’s why the world will be watching her every move.
  • Kohei Uchimura, Japan: Uchimura is already a legend in Japan for his back-to-back Olympic all-around titles. He’ll give it one more go-around in 2021. And he’ll be hoping to go out on top in what would be one of the top stories of the Games.
  • Nikita Nagorryy, Russia: Nagornyy figures to be standing in the way of Uchimura’s swan song. As the defending world champion in the all-around competition, he should be a factor throughout the Games. And he won’t have to worry about using his best stuff in the team competition since Russia can’t compete for that.
  • Sunisa Lee, United States: Were it not for Biles, it might be Lee that everyone is talking about as a possible all-around champ. As it is, she’s a favorite for a win in the uneven bars. And she’ll be ready to pick up the slack should Biles have an unlikely letdown.
  • Max Whitlock, Great Britain: Whitlock will try to prove that the veterans can get it done in gymnastics. He’s looking to defend his gold medal in the pommel horse, which would make him just the fourth man to manage that double. And he’ll be looking to add to the total of five medals that he has already won in two previous Olympic appearances.


We hope that you have a good feel for wagering on gymnastics at the 2021 Summer Olympic Games after reading this article. You can use it as a reference as you make your picks coming up over the next few weeks. Hopefully, it will mean you’re profiting from the exploits of these amazing athletes.

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