Betting on the 2020 IEM Global Challenge


2020 IEM XV Global Challenge betting opportunities are live, ladies and gentlemen! The BLAST Premier Fall Finals have just ended, but the CSGO esports show must go on for one last time this year! Yep, this is the final top-tier CSGO event of 2020! If you’re into CSGO betting and you’re looking for one more event to bet on before the end of the year, this is it!

There’s no time to wait since the opening round matches start in less than 24 hours, so let’s jump straight to action with a short beginner-friendly section!

Where to Bet on IEM XV Global Challenge?

Betting on esports is legal in many countries nowadays! That said, it no longer requires bettors to use shady skin betting businesses. These days, everything is (more or less) legit, with real-money esports bookmakers flourishing out there.

The general state of flourishing is, unfortunately, a double-edged sword for most people involved with esports betting one way or another. On one end, newcomers have no problems finding online betting sites that offer esports wagers. However, on the other end, there are so many new esports bookmakers that newcomers don’t know which one to opt for… and at this point, a good portion of online esports bookmakers don’t offer a solid level of service.

If you want to stay on the safe side, checking out our CSGO betting sites guide is a must! It’s a beginner-friendly masterpiece that’ll eliminate all teething issues you’re going through!

Interesting Facts on the IEM XV Global Challenge

Starting off with the basics, the IEM XV Global Challenge betting craze starts Tuesday, December 15th (AKA tomorrow) at noon CET. It brings forth a thrilling set of matches that will stretch through Sunday, December 20th. That’s when the Bo5 grand finals will take place.

As some of you might know, this event was supposed to be the first big LAN event in the post-pandemic era… but the LAN spectacle had to be canceled due to surging COVID numbers in Europe. But, we shouldn’t let the online switch faze us and our IEM XV Global Challenge betting endeavors.

We’re going in head first, hoping to finish 2020 with proper style… just like all these teams. Remember, there’s $500,000 in the prize pool; half a million bucks to play for! The grand prize is almost half the amount ($200,000) as well as 3000 BLAST Premier Points. Some of these teams still haven’t qualified and will be pushing for a final spot on the $1 million Global Final scheduled for January next year.

Tournament Format

Global Challenge’s format is pretty straightforward. The event starts off with two double-elimination groups featuring a total of eight teams. All group stage matches are played in best of three fashion with the top two teams from each group advancing to the playoffs.

Group A Group B
Vitality Heroic
Complexity FURIA
Astralis NaVi
BIG Liquid

The playoffs kick off with the semifinals which are also scheduled for bo3 specials. The event is going to be finished off with a proper spectacle – you’ve guessed it, a lengthy best of five scenario that ought to bring forth the best in the two finalists!

Place Prize BLAST
1st $200,000 3000 pts
2nd $100,000 1500 pts
3rd– 4th $50,000 938 pts
5th- – 6th $30,000 375 pts
7th – 8th $20,000 188 pts

Team Storylines

Welcome to the team storylines section. As the name suggests, we’ll be discussing the forms, players, and expectations of all eight participants here. There are lots of things to cover so let’s waste no more time:


Vitality has been nothing short of glorious in the last two months. Since October 15th (start of DreamHack Open Fall), Vitality had just two losses. The superior teams were Heroic (In the grand finals of DH Open Fall), and Faze Clan. They’ve won two events in the last month or so, IEM Beijing and BLAST Premier Fall Finals, but for some reason, bookies still don’t see them as the main favorites coming into the 2020 IEM Global Challenge.

It’s not just some reason, mind you. In my books, it’s because they still rely on ZywOo way too much. With the arrival of Nivera as the sixth man, Vitality got a bit of extra depth, something that’s proving to be of crucial importance for their recent successes.

If you’re interested in IEM XV Global Challenge betting, you should keep tabs on Vitality. They should cruise to the playoffs, even though their match against Astralis seems rather inevitable at this point. Honestly, it’s way too early to call it. Let’s see how they fare in the opening round before moving onto the main event of group A!


Astralis are a force to be reckoned with! Even though they failed to beat Vitality in the grand finals of BLAST Premier Fall this weekend, they still belong to the very top of the competitive CSGO food chain. In fact, most CSGO betting sites see them as the main favorites coming into this event. Like I’ve explained earlier, it’s because Astralis is a better collective whereas Vitality still relies too much on their superstar player.

At +235, Astralis are the obvious choice for an outright winner wager. However, those of you interested in IEM XV Global Challenge betting, think outside the box and perhaps invest in riskier futures. But, now is not the time to talk about this – we’ll discuss it later on!

Let’s get back to Astralis – the Great Danes are finally back in their certified GOAT roster. Xyp9x and gla1ve are back in the starting lineup, with the latter taking back his in-game-leader stick. This roster has won so many events together, it’s actually going to be surprising to see them fail this time around. The Great Danes have a great shot at finishing 2020 off with style… will they take it?

Natus Vincere

NaVi had another solid run; Astralis was the superior force that stopped them from advancing further into the BLAST Premier Fall Finals. IEM XV Beijing was another exceptional showcase of NaVi’s might; though Vitality took the title following a five-map thriller in the grand finals.

Obviously, S1mple was the key to NaVi’s success, just like you’d expect. Electronic was just behind him. The marvelous Ukraine/Russia combo never ceases to amaze us. However, S1mple has to be pointed out not just as the superior fragging leader but a real in-game leader too. I know, I know, Boombl4 is NaVi’s IGL, but S1mple is often the man who pulls rounds in NaVi’s favor.

Betting-wise, NaVi vs. FURIA should be packed with value. I haven’t looked at the odds for in-game specials just yet, but I can already see there’s going to be valuable stuff in there. Expectations-wise, NaVi needs to qualify for the semifinals at the very least. Once there, though, they’re in for a proper thriller. The (most likely) teams that will be waiting on the other end are either Astralis or Vitality. Either way, NaVi will have a proper fight on their hands… assuming they qualify, that is.


Are we asking too much from the Germans? Did they just spoil us with their performances this summer and make us look silly with our high expectations later on? Well, that’s apparently the case because BIG is nowhere to be found following their greatness a la summer of 2020! Yep, no one really expected them to rise to the top just like no one expected them to fall to the bottom of the pit once again.

Can BIG turn things around for the second time this year and finish things off with a superb performance?

Well, unfortunately, I just can’t see them climbing out of the group stage. They’re going up against Vitality in the opening round and could get another slap on the wrist. Remember, BIG have lost against Vitality four times in the last two(ish) months.

Besides Vitality, BIG will go up against either Astralis or Complexity in the next round, or both, if they happen to reach the deciding stage. Given how they’ve been performing over the last few weeks, I just can’t see them qualifying for the playoffs. 2021 will be a fresh start for everyone; perhaps that’s when BIG will push extra hard and try to get their summer form back!


Moving on with our IEM XV Global Challenge betting preview, let’s talk about FURIA. The fiery Brazilians are yet to show off proper form against European teams. Sure, they’ve had solid runs on BLAST Premier Showdown and Finals, but we still expect a bit more from them, especially looking back at their NA-bound trophies.

Yuurih and KSCERATO are still making their presence known. VINI and HEN1 are there too, when needed, with arT showing up for the occasion more than ever before. As you’d come to expect from the, FURIA is still all about teamwork. Individual performance matters too, but teamwork makes the dream work for these fellas.

As far as their IEM Global Challenge performance goes, one thing is certain – there’s no way they end up without a ticket for the Global Finals next year. However, their group stage adventure might be a fiery one. They’re going up against NaVi in the opening round and that ought to be a tight contest. If they lose, and that’s quite likely considering NaVi’s exceptional form, they’ll be in an uphill struggle no matter who they play against in the second round. Even though I like FURIA’s gameplay, I don’t think IEM Global Challenge will see them in the best of lights!


Heroic players won’t be lacking motivation for this one! Remember, they were also among this summer’s strongest teams, shoulder to shoulder with the German sensation BIG. The Danes won DreamHack Open Fall and ESL One Cologne, two pretty big events that pinned them against world-class teams. Additionally, Heroic also won a pair of smaller events which helped them get that much-needed winning mentality.

To snatch the BLAST Premier Global Final ticket, Heroic has to reach the grand finals. Easier said than done, right? That’s about it as far as Heroic is concerned. Moving on with our IEM XV Global Challenge betting piece, let’s talk about the final two teams on the list – Team Liquid and Complexity!

Stavn and cadiaN are the leading men in this Heroic roster. They’ve been nothing but superb over the last three months or so. TeSeS is right behind them too. NiKo and B0RUP have been pretty lethargic, which ought to raise red flags pretty soon… especially if Heroic wants another shot at Europe’s finest!

Team Liquid

Ahhh, Team Liquid. Before moving onto their roster and form, let’s talk about their chances of qualifying for the BLAST Premier Global Finals in January next year. At the moment, Team Liquid are in the ninth spot on the BLAST Premier 2020 Circuit standings. The top eight teams will participate on the January-bound Global Finals. Six spots are already cemented, with FURIA and OG being in the top eight but can still fall down if the likes of BIG, Heroic, and Team Liquid play their cards right.

For Team Liquid to go through, it’s enough for them to be above Heroic in the group stage (they don’t have to go through to the playoffs), assuming BIG doesn’t win the event. That’s what the boys in blue need to reach the Global Finals next year. Seems pretty straightforward, right? Well, it might be a bit problematic seeing as Heroic players have everything to play for here.

That’s it for Team Liquid. Honestly, if you’re set for betting on the 2020 IEM XV Global Challenge and Team Liquid seems interesting, the only match I’d fancy their chances is the one against Heroic. Let’s move onto Complexity, fellas!


Last but not least – Complexity. Coming into this one, I had high hopes for Complexity. But, they have roster issues once again. This time around, they are of much more serious connotation than last time out. You see, poizon will be missing from the lineup after having to underdog emergency surgery. Needless to say, this is going to be a huge blow for Complexity’s IEM Global Challenge expectations. On the bright side, they have a solid substitute in OttoNd who ought to be a fine replacement.

That said, ottoNd will be a great substitute for the Bulgarian AWPer. The Finnish AWP star was playing for CR4ZY on the last major where he led his team through a fantastic map on Dust 2 which left us at the edges of our seats with multiple overtime series. The Finn has plenty of experience, and his raw AWPing talent is not to be taken for granted either. With him in the starting roster, Complexity will be in for a proper playoffs contest!

Specials Available During IEM Global Challenge

We’re almost done with our IEM XV Global Challenge betting coverage. We’ve covered the interesting facts, main betting opportunities, event format, and short storylines on all eight competing teams. We’ve pretty much covered it all… except one thing – specials!

Esports specials are pretty big these days, not just in the CSGO betting scene but across all major esports markets as well. The complex nature of the game allows bookies to feature a plethora of special CSGO betting opportunities for the biggest events out there, which IEM Global Challenge definitely is.

Here’s the deal:

Outright Winner Betting Predictions

Even though there are less than 24 hours separating us from the first group stage matches, most bookies still offer outright betting on IEM XV Global Challenge. Let’s check out the odds:

Team Betting Odds
Astralis +235
Vitality +255
NaVi +375
Heroic +450
FURIA +800
BIG +1000
Complexity +1000
Liquid +2000

Even though Vitality reigned supreme on BLAST Premier Fall Finals, the Great Danes are still considered the favorites coming into this one. Best of all, they’re both in the same group with BIG and Complexity. We’re looking at four teams who’ve won plenty of tournaments this year, and two of them will see the exit door right off the bat.

Even though I think this event is also most likely to go down between Astralis and Vitality, just like the odds suggest, if you’re keen on placing an outright winner bet, invest in someone else. Value-wise, NaVi seems like a fine option at +375. They shouldn’t have too many issues in the group stage but are facing a proper semifinal clash, that’s for sure!

Other Specials

As always, CSGO bookmakers offer all sorts of additional specials… nothing surprising considering the size of the event. Don’t let the low number of participants fool you – these eight teams are (more or less) equally dangerous and will be fancying their chances coming into this one!

That said, what sort of specials can we expect here? Well, bookies like BetWay and BetOnline already have a ton of options available. This includes match-winner (who would’ve guessed), correct score, map/round advantage, and a plethora of map/rounds-based totals. There’s something for everyone, we guarantee it!

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