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Clash of Champions WWE

On Sunday, September 27th, the WWE will be live from the Thunder Dome for the 4th annual Clash of Champions PPV. This event will feature all nine of the WWE’s championship belts up for grabs.

The main event of the night will be a Universal Championship match as Roman Reigns defends his belt against his real life cousin Jey Uso. The co-main event of the night is a WWE Championship ambulance match as Drew McIntyre defends his title against Randy Orton.

This PPV will begin at 7PM ET on the WWE Network. A Kickoff Show is slated to start one hour prior and features the RAW women’s title match.

WWE betting sites have released odds for the entire announced Clash of Champions lineup. Let’s walk that aisle, slide under the bottom ring rope, and Flair chop these predictions.

Raw Women’s Championship (Kickoff Show)

  • (C)Asuka (-1400)
  • Zelina Vega (+600)

On the Sep. 21st episode of RAW, Zelina Vega defeated Mickie James to earn a title shot against Asuka. Vega decided to refocus on her in-ring career after growing sick and tired over the bickering between the team of Andrade and Angel Garza who she managed.

As you can see, WWE betting sites have Vega as a massive underdog as she takes on the face of RAW’s women’s division in Asuka.

There’s no reason to believe that Vega will win this match. In fact, the only hope for Zelina and her fans is that she’s allowed to look strong by being competitive.

Asuka will win this contest in probably 10 minutes or less. It’s definitely one of the title fights that should be relegated to the Kickoff Show.

Raw Women’s Championship –Asuka (-1400)

Raw Tag Team Championship Match

  • (C)The Street Profits (-150)
  • Andrade & Angel Garza (+108)

This match should also be on the Kickoff Show and not because these teams aren’t talented, but because this match is redundant and the RAW tag team belts are the most boring championships in the WWE.

RAW basically has two tag teams now that the Viking Raiders will be absent for a while. It’s probably one of the reasons why Robert Roode is magically allowed to return to the United States after being stuck in his home country of Canada for the last few months.

Roode and Ziggler were a popular tag-team and it’s expected that the two will emerge on RAW as one of the top duos in the most boring and empty division on any of the WWE’s three shows.

As for this match, the WWE has dropped the ball so many times with Andrade and Garza that it makes no sense to have them win. They fight each other one week then make up and win a #1 contender’s match the next week. It’s utterly pointless booking for this talented duo.

Keep the belts on the Street Profits and wait for Ziggler/Roode to return.

Raw TT Championship Match –The Street Profits (-150)

Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

  • (C)Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (-277)
  • The Riott Squad (+190)

Jax and Baszler defeated Sasha Banks and Bayley for the tag team titles at Payback. They then defeated the former champs in a rematch to cement the duo as the top tag team on the WWE’s women roster.

The Riott Squad reunited over the summer after a failed attempt to have Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan feud against each other. The Riott Squad was able to defeat The IIconics twice to earn this title opportunity.

I’m really surprised that the odds for this match aren’t greater in favor of the champs. They’re two dominant powerhouses that will probably end up feuding each other down the road. For now, there doesn’t seem to be any tag-team that can defeat them.

If the WWE was really smart, they would keep these belts on Baszler and Jax for a long time and have them dominate all three shows. They could become a legitimate force within the WWE and an interesting storyline no matter which show they’re on.

Unfortunately, this is the WWE we’re talking about and they have a hard time stringing together smart ideas for more than a few weeks.

As for this match, take the champs to retain their belts. Nia Jax is bigger than both members of the Riott Squad combined. Baszler might rip one of their arms off as well.

Women’s TT Championship –Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (-277)

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

  • (C)Nakamura & Cesaro (-277)
  • Lucha House Party (+190)

The SmackDown tag team division was once flush with teams and plenty of potential. Now, it’s become stale as these two teams continue to really be the only tag teams feuding against each other.

Cesaro and Nakamura beat The New Day for the belts at Extreme Rules in July. They’ve been a relevant team for a lot longer than that. Yet, there’s really nobody to feud with right now.

The Usos are split up due to an injury. The New Day is down to just one member due to injuries. Heavy Machinery is focused on Otis’ MITB contract and other silly storylines with the only other legitimate team in Miz and Morrison.

Bottom line, WWE has destroyed this tag team division just like they did on RAW. Both of the men’s tag team matches are repeat bouts that we’ve seen on their respective shows for the last few months.

It’s booking like this that have increased the criticism from fans and pundits towards the WWE. It’s also why we’ve seen shows like RAW plummet in the ratings.

With that said, take the champs to retain the gold. The WWE would completely kill this tag team division if they put the belts on Lucha House Party.

SmackDown TT Championship –Nakamura & Cesaro (-277)

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

  • (C)Bayley (-455)
  • Nikki Cross (+280)

2020 has belonged to Bayley. She’s owned this year with her brilliant run as the SmackDown women’s champ. I have enjoyed just about everything Bayley has done for the last calendar year. So, I give the WWE credit for their evolution of Bayley.

With that said, I’m right back to criticizing the shoddy booking by the WWE as they once again have Cross challenging for the title. This is the same competitor who challenged Bayley for the title in July including a PPV match at Extreme Rules.

Yet, the WWE decided to have Cross win a fatal four-way match on the Sep. 11th episode of SmackDown as she beat Tamina, Alexa Bliss and Lacey Evans. All four of these women have already lost to Bayley at some point.

I would’ve rather seen a triple threat match with Evans or Tamina involved as that would’ve made things more interesting. Instead, we get the same Cross vs Bayley match that will end up with the champ retaining the gold in an uninteresting contest.

The WWE needs to move Bayley on to something else more exciting until the feud with Sasha Banks takes over the WWE Universe.

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match –Bayley (-455)

United States Championship Match

  • (C)Bobby Lashley (-1000)
  • Apollo Crews (+500)

I really enjoy what The Hurt Business has become. The WWE has given them plenty of time and importance on RAW, which has made this group entertaining to watch.

But, instead of a fresh feud for Lashley, he’s having to take on Apollo Crews once again. Crews has feuded against Lashley and The Hurt Business for the last four months. Whether it’s Lashley, MVP, Alexander or Benjamin, Crews has constantly been in a storyline with one of them.

It’s becoming nauseating as to how many times they are forcing the same storylines on RAW. There was a fresh feel to The Hurt Business fighting Retribution on RAW this week, but we’re right back with a Crews vs Lashley match at the PPV.

One can only hope that Retribution interferes in this match and we have no winner. Since, we have to pick one, it’s clear that Lashley will walk away with the gold. He’s destined to face Brock Lesnar at some point between now and WM 37 next year.

United States Championship Match –Lashley (-1000)

Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Ladder Match

  • (C)Jeff Hardy (+125)
  • Sami Zayn (+167)
  • AJ Styles (+180)

Here’s where things get more exciting. In addition to the two world title matches, this is the one title bout that I’m the most excited to see.

We have Hardy, Styles and Zayn all in a ladder match. It certainly has the potential to steal the show and to be a contender for match of the year. That’s high expectations, but these three men have a reputation for high spots and great in-ring work.

The return of Sami Zayn has been enjoyable and a breath of fresh air on SmackDown. He definitely adds a wildcard element to this show and to SmackDown’s secondary title.

Zayn won the IC belt and never lost it, but was stripped of the title because he was absent from the WWE for three months due to Covid-19.

AJ Styles won the title on the June 12th episode of SmackDown in a tournament to crown the new IC champ. He then lost it to Hardy on the August 21st episode of SmackDown.

As you can see by the betting odds, all three competitors offer value. It’s hard to feel confident in any of them.

Unfortunately for AJ Styles and his legion of fans like myself, I don’t see the WWE putting the belt back on him. If anything, this bout should set up a feud between Zayn and Hardy moving forward.

The safe pick is Jeff Hardy. This is the type of match that he excels at. But, I am going to take Sami Zayn to win. I think the WWE can get more mileage out of Hardy chasing after Zayn than any other outcome for this triple threat, ladder match.

Regardless of who wins the IC belt, it will be us fans who win with this championship bout.

Intercontinental Championship TT Ladder Match –Zayn (+167)

WWE Championship Ambulance Match

  • (C)Drew McIntyre (-180)
  • Randy Orton (+130)

The feud between McIntyre and Orton has gone on for a few months now, but it still has a big time feel and intrigue unlike many of the other feuds on this PPV. The addition of Keith Lee to this storyline has also made it even more entertaining.

Lee actually faced Orton at Payback as he filled in for an “injured” McIntyre. Lee won that match and it seemed like he could be facing Drew for the title.

The WWE set up three singles matches on RAW the night after Payback to determine the participants in a triple threat match for a title shot against McIntyre at Clash of Champions. Orton ended up defeating Lee and Seth Rollins to get another title shot against McIntyre.

On the September 14th episode of RAW, Lee faced McIntyre in a non-title match. However, the stipulation was that if Lee won then he would replace Orton at Clash of Champions. Retribution came out and beat up both men during their bout, so there wasn’t a winner.

The WWE has done a good job with Orton, McIntyre and Lee. All three men are credible stars that fans and pundits approve of. Furthermore, they all can tear the house down regardless of which stars are wrestling each other.

I would’ve preferred to see a triple threat match because it could’ve taken the belt off McIntyre and put it on Orton for a while. I don’t see that happening in a singles match.

I believe McIntyre will keep the belt in what should be a hard hitting, entertaining world title fight.

Over/Under Claymore Kicks

  • Over 1.5 (-180)
  • Under 1.5 (+134)

This has to be Over 1.5 Claymores. Orton has proved that he can eat more than one of these and still get up.

Over/Under RKOs

  • Over 1.5 (+130)
  • Under 1.5 (-180)

The same for McIntyre and the RKO. He’s showed that he can handle more than one of Orton’s finishers. Go with the Over for this prop bet as well.

WWE Championship Ambulance Match –McIntyre (-180)

Over 1.5 Claymore Kicks (-180)

Over 1.5 RKOs (+130)

Universal Championship Match

  • (C)Roman Reigns (-3333)
  • Jey Uso (+800)

In what should be the main event of the night, we get two cousins fighting for the Universal Championship. Additionally, we get what should be a significant moment where Roman Reigns further establishes himself as the top “heel.”

Since Reigns returned and eventually won the Universal Championship, he’s become the most “must see” wrestler in the WWE due to his alliance with Paul Heyman.

It was a brilliant move by the WWE to pair these two up and to finally pull the trigger on turning Reigns “heel.”

I believe after this match, “The Big Dog” will become “The Big Heel.” It’s set up perfect for Reigns to destroy his cousin Jey Uso who has done a good job as the sympathetic underdog.

If I were booking this match, I would have Reigns destroy Uso during and after the match. It would cement him as a legitimate bad guy and add another layer of intrigue to his current character.

As for the betting odds, neither option is worthy of a wager. It’s best to take the following prop bet instead:

Over/Under Number of Spears from RR

  • Over 1.5 (+134)
  • Under 1.5 (-188)

I like the Over for this one. I believe Reigns should dominate his cousin by time it’s all said and done, which means hitting two or more spears on Jey Uso.

There’s no doubt that the WWE has strapped their SmackDown show on the back of Reigns and Heyman. Both the WWE and FOX are looking forward to the improved ratings and buzz that the duo of Reigns and Heyman have already created and the potential for even bigger things.

That’s another reason why I believe the WWE needs to have Reigns savagely attack his cousin. It would be great for the Friday night ratings and make all vested parties happy.

Universal Championship Match –Roman Reigns (-3333)

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