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Are you guys ready for another CSGO spectacle? Are you guys ready to kick off your very own BLAST Premier Fall betting campaign? Only a few days are separating us from the first opening-round matches. With plenty of betting opportunities to explore and discuss, we don’t have a lot of time so let’s jump straight into the fire!

Which Betting Options Will Be Available for BLAST Premier Fall?

We’re talking about a massive event here, one that already has plenty of betting coverage. Here’s which betting options ought to be widely available:


Match-winners are your standard betting options which offer you to pick the winning team in any given match. There’s no point in explaining them any further as I’m sure everyone knows how they work.


Outright winner betting options are pretty self-explanatory too – they allow you to bet on the winner of the entire event rather than a single match. Several variations exist, such as the region of the winner, group stage winner, to reach the finals and similar. As far as BLAST Premier Fall betting goes, the only one you’ll see is the outright winner wager.


Total maps over/under are the most popular totals in the CSGO betting world. In the best of three scenarios, they allow you to bet on over or under 2.5 maps. If you bet over, you better hope the match goes to the third map. If you bet under, you better hope for a 2:0 blowout! Things get more complex for bo5 scenarios, but since this event features only bo3’s, we’ll explain these options on another occasion.

There are lots of additional BLAST Premier Fall betting options you’ll be able to invest your money on. This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more information, please check out your go-to bookie. If you don’t have one, you can always check out our CSGO betting sites guide. That piece features several outstanding names that will provide you with the online betting experience you deserve!

BLAST Premier Fall Betting Preview – Interesting Facts

BLAST Premier Fall is an online tournament based in Europe. All the best teams have gathered on the old continent for the few remaining CSGO events scheduled to take place before the end of 2020. BLAST Premier Fall is another entry in the bunch, featuring eight top-tier participants battling for the biggest share of the $425,000 in prize money.

The event starts on Tuesday, December 8th and will last through Sunday, December 13th. Here’s a list of the participants:

  • Vitality
  • Astralis
  • Natus Vincere
  • OG
  • BIG
  • G2
  • Mousesports

As far as the format is concerned, BLAST Premier Fall Finals are set up in a double-elimination bracket. In layman’s terms, this means losers aren’t automatically eliminated but relegated to the lower bracket. All BPF Finals matches are scheduled for best of three contests meaning top-tier CSGO action will be there from start to finish.

BLAST Premier Fall Finals – Team Overviews

If you want your BLAST Premier Fall betting campaign to be successful, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with all eight participating teams. This section brings forth exactly that, so let’s stop beating around the bushes and focus on the stuff that actually matters!


If you’re going to bet on BLAST Premier Fall, Vitality is probably going to be among your decisive picks! The French team is coming into this encounter as the main favorite on multiple CSGO betting sites… nothing surprising considering they’re coming off a title-winning IEM XV Beijing campaign.

However, Vitality will have other problems in their way… mainly the fact that they haven’t been in a competitive environment ever since that grand finals match against Natus Vincere. That could hinder their ability ahead of their opening-round display against Mousesports, that’s for sure!

But we can’t rule VItality out just yet. Heck, we can never rule out the team that features ZywOo in the starting lineup – that’s the golden rule right there! The 20-year-old French superstar is just too darn good. Needless to say, he’s been by far the best Vitality player this whole year and the decisive figure in Vitality’s recent title run. He does it all… and with some style – when ZywOo is on fire Vitality is virtually unstoppable!


The odds might be shifting towards Astralis to win this one. After all, they managed to win DreamHack Masters Winter after beating Mousesports in the grand finals, in what wasn’t really a tight contest even though the result might suggest so at first glance. The Great Danes were in control of the situation right from the very start. They did have issues on Nuke and Vertigo (especially the latter), but despite all setbacks, the Great Danes looked comfortable throughout the encounter.

Astralis LogoWhat does that match tell us about Astralis’ expectations coming into this one. Well, if you’re into BLAST Premier Fall betting, you should fancy their chances and bet on them right from the kickoff. The Danes will be looking for more of the same here, but we have to be objective – the competition is much tougher.

Astralis is set to play against number 3 ranked Natus Vincere in the opening round. They’ve had mixed results against the best CIS team out there, which means they have a proper test on their hands in round one of the event. Lower bracket shenanigans aren’t a mystery for Device and the boys of Astralis – could they reach another fantastic result fueled by lower bracket goodness?

Well, if they are to do so, they’ll need Device setting the tempo! With gla1ve back at the IGL spot, and xyp9x trying to get his clutch momentum back up, Astralis is on course to bring back their long-lost glory! BLAST Premier Fall betting opportunities are plentiful, and some of them ought to bring forth high-value bets on Astralis… at some point in the event!


The biggest downside of Natus Vincere’s BLAST Premier Fall Finals campaign lies in the fact their opening-round opponent is Astralis. Yep – they are set to face off against the Great Danes once again, following a mixture of wins and losses in the past. Who’s going to emerge victorious this time around? Well, we won’t have to wait for too long to find out since the opening matches kick off in roughly 24 hours.

NaVi LogoWhat about Natus Vincere as a whole? What about their roster? What about their winning potential? Well, for starters, esports betting sites see NaVi as the third-best team in this competition, right after Vitality and Astralis. The CIS side has had several solid outings in the last few months, but none really did much in terms of their overall form. They’re still battling with consistency, and I reckon that could be an issue coming into this one.

On the bright side, they still have S1mple! They still have the Ukrainian machine that wreaks havoc on the servers without even paying attention as to who’s on the receiving end. He’s that good! Electronic is doing wonders too – he’s a level above the three remaining NaVi players, really.


We’re moving on with our BLAST Premier Fall betting preview and the next team on our chopping block is OG! We’re looking at the team that, at the very first glance, features a world-class roster. NBK, Aleksib, valde, ISSAA, and mantuu: a fine bunch of players with a plethora of experience and superb individual skillset.

Unfortunately, they are yet to win their first event… even though they’ve been playing together for exactly a year now. They had several excellent campaigns, the closest ones being IEM XV New York where they lost to Faze Clan in the grand finals… and Flashpoint S2 where they lost to in the grand finals. And mind you, the latter happened yesterday so mantuu and the boys will definitely be shellshocked coming into this one.

But, things are looking better for OG! Valde and mantuu are doing all the grinding, and if they can keep their form at such a remarkable level, I reckon OG will be a tough contestant on BLAST Premier Fall Finals. When they get things rolling, OG players are difficult to stop… CSGO bettors pay attention to this bunch – they possess plenty of upset potential meaning you could end up finding high-value wagers surrounding them!


BIG LogoThe German team still plays a vital role in European CSGO even though their form has significantly dipped from its summer high. Yep, back then BIG was the best team in the region; heck, the best team in the world. They haven’t altered their roster in any way shape or form, but their gameplay dropped as they struggle to keep their place among Europe’s finest.

Their Flashpoint Season 2 campaign started off great, but ended as a huge heartbreak after losing against and OG, the grand finalists. Don’t get me wrong, the third place for BIG is usually pretty good… but that can’t be said about Flashpoint S2 since Big were labeled as the main favorites ever since the start of the event.

Overall, though, BIG will be looking to impress on BLAST Premier Fall Finals! They have nothing to lose, especially after their Flashpoint debacle… which means their upset potential will be through the roof. Best of all, they will be going up against OG in the opening round. It’s a perfect opportunity to get back at valde and the boys following that disheartening defeat on Flashpoint last week. It will be interesting to see how BIG kicks this one off. If they get things rolling against OG, FURIA/G2 will have a lot of work on their hands in the upper bracket semifinal round!


I am not sure what to think about FURIA at this point. One week and they’re absolutely phenomenal, beating the likes of G2 and Liquid without breaking a sweat… next week they’re still getting the results but their gameplay looks off tracks for the most part. I’m not sure what’s happening with the Brazilians, but I’m sure it will affect our BLAST Premier Fall betting predictions!

FURIA LogoFURIA is set to open this event with a match against G2! Remember – the Brazilians defeated G2 on DreamHack Masters Winter just last week and this replay will serve as the perfect opportunity for the EU side to have their revenge… assuming they’ve learned something from their last encounter.

What’s there to be said about FURIA’s roster? Well, they’re still relying on yuurih and KSCERATO to do all the dirty work. On the bright side, VINI’s inferno gameplay is still superb, and HEN1 still shows up for the occasion from time to time, showing off his fragging brilliance.

The thing with FURIA is that they’re still inconsistent against European teams. Their hot and cold policy is still going strong, which is why I can’t really recommend betting on them against G2.


G2 LogoEveryone expects a lot from G2! With NiKo in the starting lineup following the biggest transfer in CSGO history, G2 fans expect greatness! Thus far, though, nothing big has come just yet! The team is looking stronger, there’s no doubt about it; their map pool is deeper and their duelling ability is now second to none… but a concrete result is still missing.

A premature exit from DreamHack Masters Winter, coupled with poor performances against FURIA and Astralis prompted many fans to scratch their heads in disbelief. Can this G2 roster rise to greatness or will they end up as another big mishap… has NiKo’s cursed transferred to G2?

Well, it’s still way too early to call! NiKo joined the team in late October and didn’t really have that much time to adapt.

Still, his individual brilliance is still there – he’s top fragging on a regular basis and the extra depth he brings to the team should develop further as time goes on.


Mousesports LogoMousesports were inches away from winning their first real event this year! Now, now, now – haters will say Mousesports have already won a notable event; ICE Challenge 2020 in February… but that’s not really a tier-A CSGO event, it can’t be counted toe to toe with the likes of ESL One, DreamHack Masters, BLAST Premier, etc.

That said, Mosuesports could’ve had their first real celebration this year, but Astralis proved too big of a bite for ropz and the boys.

There are lots of positives to take out from Mousesports’ DreamHack Masters Winter campaign; positives that should unstick them from the bottom of the table as far as outright betting on BLAST Premier Fall goes.

Ropz is still the first name in this Mousesports roster. He was the player that led Mouz to the grand finals last week, and he’ll probably be the first name on the team sheet on this event too. For all you BLAST Premier Fall betting enthusiasts – Mousesports might just be the biggest surprise of the event!

Outright Betting on BLAST Premier Fall

The final piece of our BLAST Premier Fall betting puzzle – outrights! If you’re struggling to find value in the four opening-round matches, perhaps outright winner betting odds might be more up your alley!

  • Vitality: +200
  • Astralis: +235
  • NaVi: +255
  • BIG: +1000
  • OG: +1400
  • FURIA: +1800
  • G2: +2000
  • Mousesports: +2500

If you’ve followed my CSGO picks in the past, you probably know that I’m not that big on outright winner betting options. They’re popular, though, so they have to be addressed here!

Let’s face it – the odds aren’t that great… at least when it comes to the top three. Vitality, Astralis, and NaVi are the heavy favorites to win this event, but at +200, +235, and +255 respectively, I just don’t see the value.

I prefer the bottom end of the table; perhaps FURIA, G2, or even BIG. I really don’t understand why FURIA has such massive odds, especially knowing just how well they’ve been doing on DreamHack Masters Winter. Perhaps these odds will be altered soon, so you better grab the chance while you still can!

With that said, I’d like to close this piece out and call it a day.

As always, thanks for reading!

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