Bohemia Details Vigor Legacy Season After Update 8.1 Launch

Bohemia Interactive has detailed Vigor Legacy Season after the game’s 8.1 Update release late last month. The long-awaited debut of the Legacy Season began with the release of the 8.1 update which brought new content to players by accessing Season 1: Preppers content.

Last month’s update also saw the addition of the Thank You Charity Pack for new and old players.

Marketing & Brand Manager Filip Šťastný

No matter how much experience you have in the industry, you’ll definitely hold your breath when launching a game, especially a multiplayer-only one. So many players have helped us reach update 8.1 and the Legacy content is a key way for us to celebrate the new players that have joined the fight along the way and give them access to things they may have missed.

So what are the Legacy seasons? These new seasons in the game give players the opportunity to obtain cosmetics and Battle Passes from previous season. Especially the players on the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, who might have missed out on the few seasons that Xbox players were exclusively getting all this time.

When you play Vigor, you will progress the current season of content along with the one Legacy season at a time. However, you must own the Premium Battle Pass for the respective season in order to progress in it.

The update also brought in the Thank You Charity Pack, where if you are a PlayStation Plus member, you can get an Outlander Pack for free as well. It includes the following:

  • Limited Edition Blue variant of the Outlander Uniform
  • 5x M2 Carbine + 50x ammo
  • 5x Izh43 + 60x ammo
  • 5x A74-K + 120x ammo
  • 5x Combat Magnum + 40x ammo
  • 5x M249 + 400x ammo
  • 5x MP5-K SD3 + 160x ammo

Bohemia also shared some additional information regarding the Legacy seasons. The first thing is that these season will be released one at a time in between each standard season. For a season to qualify as “Legacy” there has to be one full season between it and a current season. For example, with Season 8’s release, Season 6 qualifies for Legacy status.

Players will also be delighted to hear that the XP progression between the current season will grow together with eh Legacy season. For example, if you have an active progression Legacy Season 1 and still have yet to complete the Battle Pass for Season 8, the XP gained will be counted toward the Battle Pass of the current season as well as the Legacy.


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