DayZ Update 1.13 Adds New Weapon, the M16-A2 Assault Rifle, Attachments

Bohemia Interactive has announced the release of the DayZ Update 1.13 that adds the new assault rifle M16-A2 along with new attachments. The attachments are suited to the new weapon and the update also adds many new key quality of life changes to the game as well. Additional additions include new types of infected and ‘interesting’ tweaks to the infected AI. The update also comes with a server wipe.

Check out the new M16-A2 in action in the new DayZ Update 1.13 teaser trailer below:

The major highlight of the new DayZ update is obviously the new M16-A2 assault rifle. It features the classic 3-round burst mode and uses the standard 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. It is compatible with most M4-A1 magazines as well. To cater better to the new weapon, new weapon attachments are also available in the update such as the new ATOG 6×48 optic, and two new magazines: a 45 round for KA-74 rifles, and a 60 round standardized magazine for 5.56x45mm rifles.

The update is also filled with plenty of balance changes. The unconscious state during firearm combat has been tweaked in the new update and it now depends on what sort of caliber has been used to knock down a target. Different changes have also been done to the damage zones that will reduce the chance for double punishments. Police and plate carrier vests now have less strength and are now less durable and more repair kits for maintenance than before.

Apart from a makeover, new infected AI are now present in the game as well. Stealth approaches are now more viable, and players can now block infected attacks. They also have reduced attack speed and the chance to leave unconscious players in peace is also a lot higher now. This will help in the avoidance of the ‘waking up – unconscious’ loop. Your wounds can now get infected, and you will need to find and use disinfectants or treat it with antibiotics. Influenza now has additional fever conditions too.

For a detailed changelog, you can check out the official DayZ forums page. Recently, Bohemia launched Mini DayZ for mobile devices and before that, DayZ Update 1.11 was released which added the new SVAL Rifle along with a character and server wipe. Back in 2019, Bohemia released the brand-new Livonia map for the game as well. To jump in the game, you can head over to Steam or the platform store of your choice.

Are you looking forward to jumping back in DayZ to try out the new M16-A2? Let us know in the comments section below.

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