EVGA Seems to be Teasing Their AMD X570 Motherboards

Yesterday, EVGA on Twitter posted a trailer for an upcoming product. The teaser features the familiar DARK branding with an even familiar orange circle of the AMD Ryzen branding. All these hints to EVGA are maybe releasing X570 series motherboards for AMD Ryzen CPUs.

EVGA is well known for its PC gaming hardware and accessories and their gaming motherboards, including their “DARK” line, which sports a primarily black tone to the motherboards. Currently, EVGA’s DARK motherboard series consists of EVGA Z390 DARK, EVGA X299 DARK, EVGA SR-3 DARK, EVGA Z490 DARK, etc. EVGA Z490 K|NGP|N.

These are Intel platform motherboards, as EVGA had limited its production to Intel motherboards for quite a while. However, it seems like all this is about to change if the trailer posted by @TEAMEVGA is something to go by.

EVGA has the following tagline about its DARK series motherboards.

The Dark is crafted from the ground up to be the performance apex with everything you need to make a record-breaking benching run or a 24/7 number cruncher, and nothing you don’t – a board that is as reliable as it is fast.

EVGA’s Dark series is designed for those that desire extreme performance, including the ability to overclock their system. Unfortunately, we currently do not know if EVGA plans to release the DARK motherboards for the original X570 motherboards or the upcoming refresh series, the X570S platform.

The X570S motherboard platform has been designed to offer improved power delivery and cooling solutions. A few days ago, we reported that Gigabyte unveiled its new X570S motherboards, consisting of models from the AORUS lineup.

MSI has also unveiled its lineup of upcoming X570S motherboards, which will feature motherboards in its MAG gaming series. MSI unveiled the new MAG X570S series of motherboards in its online event recently.

We will have to wait for more information to see what EVGA has planned.

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