Global Game Jam Next Event Invites Young Creators From Around the World

Global Game Jam has just announced the Global Game Jam Next event which invites young creators from around the world. The event is aimed for the 12-17-year-old creators, while also calling educators, teachers, and mentors to join the event.

The Global Game Jam Event is set to begin late next month on 26th July and will run till the 6th of August. The site registrations are open right now but will close on the 9th of July.

The GGJ Next is an annual event which invites younger people who are interested in learning the creation of video games. The two-week event will have one week of focusing on the game design curriculum, while the other week in making a small game with the help of learned skills. The Curriculum will be brought in by games industry professionals so you don’t have to worry if you don’t feel familiar with things.

Site Lead Ali Saffari had this to say,

If we can create a global community in which people can talk to one another and meet, we can make a huge step toward world peace. I had an excellent experience! In my opinion, GGJ Next is best for connecting two generations of video game makers. GGJ Next is the best framework to help both of us (Mentors and Kids) learn together and help one another.

To take part in the GGJ NEXT Jam you will need to:

  • Be 12-17 years old (if you are under 13, you will need to get a parent or guardian to sign up to for you).
  • Watch the GGJ NEXT Keynote video on YouTube to find out the theme.
  • Choose your tool to work with.
  • Take some time to learn more about the game design process with our jam curriculum.
  • Share! Post screenshots, ideas, gifs and videos on social media of your game progress with the hashtag #GGJNEXT
  • Join our jam page on soon) and upload your game by the end of the 6th August

Are you going to participate in the Global Game Jam Next event? Post your comments below.

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