Holotech Studios Improves Animaze with New Features, Renewed Business Model

Holotech Studios has announced a major shift in their business model for virtual persona software Animaze. As part of their latest update, the company aims to improve and expand upon the experience of the free subscription tier. The new update is now available and with it in place, fans using Animaze can start using the new features and updates.

According to the new update, simple and complex audio-based lip sync as well as the iPhone bridge (iPhone-based face tracking for PC) are included in the Free subscription tier and will no longer require a paid subscription. The team also anticipates that further additional tracking technologies such as Leap Motion hand tracking and more will also arrive in the free tier at a later stage.

The free tier is not the only one to receive an update as both the paid tiers were upgraded as well. They now feature all Animaze original content including avatars, backgrounds, props, and emotes are included with the base subscriptions. Coins are now reserved for modulate voice skins. As of now, Animaze is available in Early Access on Steam and the developer is regularly adding more content to the platform and making it better.

The developers are striving to find the right balance between making Animaze a place to create and house personal virtual identities with a sustainable business model that can support the team’s efforts at ongoing improvements, maintenance, and new features. Currently, Animaze is available on PC and iOS, and it represents a diverse exosystem that brings together vloggers, creatives, designers, artists, and business developers.

The studio behind Animaze is Holotech Studios and is an American and Romanian art and development company that aims at creating unique and memorable experiences on desktop and mobile using animation and performing motion capture technology.

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