Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Gossip Stone Guide – How to Get All

This Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Gossip Stone Guide will show you where you can find all the Gossip Stones. These stones are collectibles that can be found all throughout the different regions of the game.

In total, there are 17 Gossip Stones that you need to get in order to complete the collection of this collectible. Gossip Stones give out various rewards when you collect them, but do not necessarily have a fixed reward. It can contain a valuable item that you can use or sell for Rupees.

Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Gossip Stone Guide

Below we have listed all the Gossip Stone locations and how to get them.

Gossip Stone


1 This stone can be found in Faron Woods where it will be sitting in between the Bird Statue and the temple.
2 The second stone is found in Floria Waterfall, to left after you exit the Water Dragon’s area
3 In Deep Woods, head to the Skyview Temple and head up two floors.
4 In Pumpkin Landing, you will find it to the left from the entrance
5 Another stone can be found in Bamboo Island where it will be behind a house
6 This stone is found in Eldin Volcano near Thrill Digger that will be to the right of Tubbert
7 Another stone can also be obtained in the Eldin Volcano region, just to the left of the Earth Temple
8 Head to the Desert Gorge towards the northwest part of this area. You will find the stone near the Temple of Time
9 In Volcano Summit, go to the second room with the big toad head
10 This stone is on a small island that will be to the southeast of the yellow beacon light
11 In Lanayru caves where you find Goron
12 The second stone in the Lanayru Caves on the path that you go to after you find Levias
13 This stone is in Eldin Volcano region, where it will be on the Volcano Ascent Bird Statue. You will find moving platforms that you need to jump over and reach the cave containing the stone
14 In the same Eldin Volcano region, go southeast from the Earth Temple, where you will find more moving platforms. Again, you have to jump over and enter the cave ahead
15 This stone is in Thunderhead, on the small island that is south of Bug Rock
16 In Volcano Summit, next to the waterfalls where you will find a ledge.  The stone will be above the waterfall
17 In Skyloft, go to the Waterfall Cave and use the Clawshot to reach the small island above the entrance

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