Make Your Own Path In This Means Warp, Game Beta Launches This Week

Outlier has announced to launch This Means Warp Beta this week on 2nd July on PC via Steam. Players interested in the beta can try out this multiplayer spaceship management rougelite by signing up and applying for the beta.

The game is originally planned for a release on PC in early 2022. While the game is still in development, the beta will help shape the development of the game based on community feedback.

Check out the gameplay trailer of This Means Warp below:

This Means Warp is an intense 1-4 player spaceship management roguelite game. Explore a procedurally generated universe in real-time, upgrade your ship, battle increasingly dangerous enemies, and adapt your strategies in a constantly changing and challenging fight for survival.

In This Means Warp, you can either play solo or work together with three other cremates as you make your own destiny in a procedurally generated universe. There are new weapons and systems that you can purchase for your ship to battle increasingly challenging enemies. Choose your path through a wide array of varied and dangerous creatures. The challenge is pretty tough and if you ship is destroyed, the game is over.

The game will feature randomized maps, items, enemies, and encounters every time you play. You will have to adapt to your strategies and take advantage of a huge variety of upgrades, weapons, and systems in order to survive.

Key Features:

  • Huge selection of systems and strategies – Adapt your strategy as you build up your ship’s systems, with unique and varied items that can change the course of battle
  • Deep, strategic combat – Think on your feet in hectic, real-time battles. Target specific enemy systems, change tactics on the fly, and keep your ship in one piece!
  • Procedurally generated maps and enemies – Experience the unexpected in randomized galaxies with a varied mix of combat and non-combat encounters
  • Dynamic story – Experience a narrative that adapts to your choices, developing differently every time you play
  • Recruit your crew – Explore with a crew of other players, or befriend a varied cast of AI characters as you progress

What do you think of This Means Warp? Are you going to play the beta? Post your comments below.

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