Monster Hunter Stories 2 Anjanath Guide – How to Beat, Weakness, Get Egg

This Monster Hunter Stories 2 Anjanath Guide will show you how to beat Anjanath in the game, which is a monster that you will get to fight as you progress in the story of Monster Hunter Stories 2.

The Anjanath will give you a tough fight, more than what you expect from the other normal creatures. The Anjanath, much like the other monsters, gives you the chance of making it retreat after a battle, where you can then obtain the egg from inside its den.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Anjanath Guide

Below we have detailed where you can find Anjanath, how to beat it, and what its weaknesses are.

How to Beat Anjanath

Anjanath is a creature that you can find pretty early in the gameplay, but only really get to battle it when you reach the Loloska region in the game. The first time you meet this creature, you are destined to lose this fight. This is because to give you a fair chance, the game will have you better prepared to battle this monster in the second chapter of the game.

When you finally face the monster for the second time, you will immediately be introduced to its brutal power and attacks. Your strategy to defeat this monster is to use a water element attack while aiming at its snout which is its weak point with this element attack.

If your goal is to get an egg after this battle, you need to make sure to make the monster retreat back to its den. Chances of the monster retreating are increased when you throw a Paintball at the monster, and then follow up with the water attack at its snout.

When the fight ends, the monster will likely retreat. At this point, all that you are left to do is to follow the monster back to its den and claim the egg.

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