Monster Hunter Stories 2 Taming Guide – How to Tame Royal Monsters

This Monster Hunter Stories 2 Taming Guide will show you how you can tame Royal Monsters in the game. Royal Monsters are one of the toughest monsters you will be facing as they will most likely take you out if you are under-prepared in the early stages of the game.

Defeating Royal Monsters also ensures that you obtain Royal Monster Eggs after they retreat to their dens. If you want to find each of the Royal Monsters’ locations, read our Royal Monsters Locations Guide.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Taming Guide

Royal Monsters can be tamed after you find an egg and hatch them. These are called Monsties that join your party and contribute in battle and when you explore the world of Monster Hunter Stories 2.

Royal Monsters can be turned to Monsties when you successfully defeat the Royal Monster and wait for it to retreat back to the den where you can find an egg. If you do get the chance of securing a Royal Monster Egg and hatch it, you can secure the type of monster as a Monstie, which will then join your party to fight alongside you and help you explore when you mount them.

There are a handful of Royal Monsters in the game, where beating them is quite a tough task as these monsters are brutal fighters that can instantly take out beginners or underprepared players. The Tigrex Royal Monster for example is a fast-paced monster that will never shy away from hitting you with its attack types. To better prepare yourself or to give you a fair chance, learn about each Royal Monster’s weakness and then attack with the attack type that is effective against it.

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