Monster Hunter Stories 2 Zinogre Guide – How to Beat, Weakness, Get Egg

This Monster Hunter Stories 2 Zinogre Guide will show you how to beat Zinogre in the game, which is a Royal Monster that you will get to fight as you progress in the story of Monster Hunter Stories 2.

As a Royal Monster, this creature will give you a tough fight, more than what you expect from the other normal creatures. The Zinogre being a Royal Monster means that you have the chance of making it retreat after a battle, where you can then obtain the egg from inside its den.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Zinogre Guide

Below we have detailed where you can find Zinogre, how to beat it, and what its weaknesses are.

How to Beat Zinogre

The Zinogre can be found in the Lavina Glacial Peaks region, which is the third region that you reach in the story gameplay. If you are looking to beat this monster, you can pretty much go with any strategy by knowing where to attack and what type of attack that deals the most damage.

However, much like most players, you will mostly be fighting this Royal Monster to have it retreat back to its den so that you can get the Royal Monster Egg. To do that, you need to increase your chances of making this monster retreat back to its den. This can be done by attacking the monster with Ice or piercing attack on its body or head. Additionally, you can go for slash attacks at Zingore’s tail which is another weak point.

The more parts you break, the higher the chances of making it retreat. But you can further increase these chances by using a Paintball before you start attacking. This will likely have the monster retreat to its den, where you can just follow it and obtain the egg to hatch and tame this type of monster.

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