New Warpips Reinforcement Update Brings New Maps, Units, and More

Daedalic Entertainment and Skirmish Mode Games has just launched the new Warpips Reinforcement update which brings in new content into the game. This is the first major content update that the game has received, while we also got some details with the roadmap for the upcoming content.

Warpips is an addictive pixelated warfare game that has just launched successfully in Steam Early Access

Warpips is the ultimate quick to learn but amazingly deep tug-of-war strategy game. Deploy the right composition of soldiers, tanks, helicopters and planes in this tight, streamlined strategy-focused war game. Compose the best army, research the right tech; overwhelm your enemy!

In Warpips, you have to assemble an army of vehicles and infantry to send them into explosive, physics-based battles. The new update in the game adds three new maps, giving you the opportunity to fight it out in a gas station, a canyon, and a fortress. In addition, you will also be getting nighttime on the maps.

When you step into Warpips, it will not take you very long to learn this deep tug-of-war strategy game. However, you can make things your way by having the right composition of equipment and soldiers. You can also call down airstrikes, missile attacks, and artillery. The game also has no microtransactions and no pay-to-win feature. When you buy the game, you get the complete game.

The new update also adds a variety of new units with new skills and armament. You can now field the Gas Pip, Howitzers, the Super Rocket and TOW missile emplacements into battle, accompanied by new music tracks. Personalize your army with more color options and also adjust the color scheme of your enemies, on top of various quality of life improvements.

The developer of the game also shared the roadmap for the game, saying that the update is only the beginning and that there is more to come.

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