Numskull Designs Unveils New Official Fallen Baby Merch from Destiny

Numskull Designs has unveiled brand-new merchandise featuring the Fallen Baby from Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer. The four-eyed snuggle bugs are the focus of Numskull’s latest merchandise as the company expands its already big range of Destiny merchandise. Numskull currently has a big Destiny range, and the new Fallen Baby merch aims at making it even bigger.

The new Merch includes two stylish black T-Shirts that feature the cute Fallen baby. There is also a ‘Fallen in Love’ T-shirt with a Fallen Baby image that glows in the dark for fans who want to show their love for the Fallen Baby even in the dark. The Fallen Baby image glows on the t-shirt even if there is minimum light where you are.

Numskull Fallen Baby Destiny

If you prefer the shirt without the glow, you can get it with a simple ‘Love’ T-shirt as the shirt offers the same design but without the glow-in-the-dark feature. The next product in the lineup is the premium black snapback with a curved bill. It features a Fallen Baby on the front and lots of Fallen Baby under the bill with a Destiny logo at the side.

Numskull has also announced chalices and a Pin King Set featuring the Fallen Baby from Destiny. The Pin Kings Set 1.1 includes two new Fallen in Love enamel pin badges featuring two different Fallen Baby designs. These are made for decorating bags, coats, and jackets. The two chalices in the range are made from high-grade ceramic with a glossy finish. These two are:

  • ‘Fallen in Love’ black mug with turquoise handle
  • ‘Fallen Baby’ white mug featuring illustrations of a Fallen Baby, complete with turquoise handle

Numskull Fallen Baby Destiny

You can head over to the official Numskull Designs website to check out the entire Destiny range. Previously Numskull also released Eris Morn statue, The Stranger Edition Bundle for Destiny 2 Beyond Light, Destiny collectible Pins, and much more. For a complete range of product reveals and announcements, check out our dedicated Numskull Designs section of our website.

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