PS3 and PS Vita Will Allow You to Purchase PSP Games Despite Store Closure

Despite Sony shutting down the PSP store today, you will still be able to purchase PSP titles from your PS3 or PS Vita. This has been confirmed by PlayStation UK in a statement to Kotaku after a notice appeared on the PlayStation UK’s website. The notice appeared on the website’s ‘important notices’ page and according to the notice, players will still be able to purchase PSP titles through PSN on both consoles which will continue to operate normally.

Initially, Sony announced that it is shutting down its digital stores for PS3, PSP and PS Vita however after public outcry, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO said that they will only proceed with shutting down PSN on PSP and PS3 and PS Vita will continue to work without any problems. Today is the day when digital sales on the PSP officially go offline however this is not entirely cutting off PSP titles from sale.

Fans who own a PS3 system or a PS Vita can still purchase PlayStation Portable titles through their stores. This was discovered and posted on ResetEra where the poster Kresnik linked the PlayStation UK’s page where the official statement clearly states that players can continue to purchase PSP games from the PS3 or the PS Vita digital stores if the game is available there. However, no in-game purchases will be allowed since the PSN on PSP will be shut down.

This is indeed good news for players who still wanted to grab some PSP games but were unable to do so until now. While PSP might be out of service, its games will be available on PS Vita and this might increase the handheld’s price because it is really hard to find a PSP in good condition these days, it might be the best alternative to playing the PSP titles and some of the title run better than the original PSP because of the increased hardware power.

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Sources: ResetEra, Kotaku

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