Red Dead Online Blood Money Missions Guide – How to Unlock Missions, Get Capitale

Red Dead Online Blood Money DLC has just launched in the game and this guide will show you how to unlock the new missions and get the new type of currency called Capitale.

Capitale is the valuable item that you will be after in this DLC, especially when you complete missions given to you by Guido Martelli. As you complete the jobs and get Capitale, these can be exchanged for Blood Money Opportunities which upon completion give you all sorts of rewards, and progression in the story.

Red Dead Online Blood Money Missions Guide

Below we have detailed how to start the Blood Money DLC and its missions, and how to get Capitale.

How to Start Missions

The Blood Money DLC missions are very easy to start and all it takes is for you to go to Saint Denis in Free Roam mode and look for Guido Martelli, the Underboss in charge of the new missions. He can be found just outside the Saint Denis Garden, waiting for you to talk to him.

If you are unable to locate Martelli’s location, check on the map where you will find a “$” sign in a teardrop bag. Placing your cursor over it will highlight Blood Money, which is where you can play the new DLC. Talking to Martelli will give you a short insight into the mission in Blood Money, what Capitale is, and what you can do with it.

Getting Capitale in Blood Money

Missions in the new DLC include petty crimes and other robbery jobs that you will be engaged in. Checking your map will show you the Blood Money icon where you have to accept missions and complete them.

Every time you complete these crimes after accepting them, you will get rewards such as money and gold. However, as you continue with these missions, you will be able to loot Capitale along with other treasures. Capitale is best farmed from dead characters, loot boxes, and treasure chests that you find in the Blood Money Missions.

This is how you can start the Blood Money Missions in Red Dead Online. Post your comments below.

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