Red Dead Online Convington Emerald Opportunity Guide – How to Complete

This Red Dead Online Convington Emerald Opportunity Guide will show you how to complete the first Opportunity which tasks you to retrieve the jewel and cash in the rewards for completing this mission.

While the Covington Emerald mission is pretty simple and straightforward, you can. This of course, means that you will be facing tougher enemies as you plan your escape after looting the jewel.

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This Opportunity begins when you trade in 15 Capitale to unlock the Covington Emerald mission, which details your tasks of looting and retrieving the Emerald and dropping it off to complete it.

The first part of the mission has you going to Saint Denis, specifically towards the train station next to the docks. The train will be guarded with a lot of enemies, and the game will ask you to find a way onto the train. To do this, go towards the dock and on the ship connected with a ramp. Get on the ship and go on the top deck where you will find a detonation trigger to start the explosions.

This will distract the guards, which then allows you to sneak onto the train. You will find a few robbers tied up here that you can loot and set free. If you are playing on Ruthless difficulty, it is best not to untie them as this will alert the guards making it very hard for you to get to the Jewel.

While you can sneak and go for stealth kills by taking out each guard, it may not be easy if you playing in on the hardest difficulty. Either way, you have to make your way to the train bogie that contains the chest hiding the Jewel. Take the Jewel, fight off the guards, and escape from the scene. All that is left is to return the Jewel at the drop-off to complete this mission.

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This is how to complete the Covington Emerald Opportunity in Red Dead Online Blood Money. Post your comments below.

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