Scavenge for Weapon and Hunt Monsters in Monster Master

Independent development studio Flatfish Games’ Monster Master is currently live on the Kickstarter campaign. The developer is looking for backers to support the development of the online multiplayer game.

If you are interested in this RTS fight versus FPS, consider funding the Kickstarter Campaign to fully support the development and see it launch later this year. While there is no release date confirmation, Flatfish Games does intend to launch the game in 2021. However, all of that might depend on the Kickstarter campaign and can be subject to change.

Check out the trailer below:

FPS heroes versus RTS horde. An asymmetric multiplayer where 1 player spawns the different monsters, and 3 class-based fps heroes try to survive it.

The details of the game tell us that the game is set in the small town of Kingsfield, where an energy research facility has given birth to a cosmic horror entity called the monster master. You have to choose, control, and mutate the monster horde or survivors as a group of class-based heroes with unique powers.

Monster Master

The hero perspective of the game is quite thrilling with its unscripted experience, as the monsters feel very intelligent. When it gets eerily quiet, you know it is planning to do something. On the other hand, the Monster Master is right at home, toying with others players and making them suffer.

Apart from a few details shared by Flatfish Games, we don’t have any additional details or what to expect in the game. The Kickstarted campaign is just under 10% funded with 19 days left. The Kickstarter campaign with help the developer fund the costs of production for Monster Master.

Key Features:

  • Online multiplayer 3 vs 1 asymmetric PVP (FPS – vs -RTS)
  • Pick your RTS army from different monsters, mutations, summons, traps & hazards
  • FPS Heroes with Signature Weapons along with Two Abilities to use
  • Stephen King, Carpenter & Spielberg inspired horror universes.

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