Sea of Thieves Headless Monkey Journals Guide – How to Get

This Sea of Thieves Headless Monkey Journals Guide will show you where you can find all the journals. These can only be obtained if you don’t place the Cursed Captain’s skull head on his skeleton body, and complete a few quests that are required before you can get the Headless Monkey journals.

While the journals are very easy to find, you need to complete a few things before you can actually get them. This guide will detail what you need to do in order to do just that.

Sea of Thieves Headless Monkey Journals Guide

Below we have detailed how to get all the Headless Monkey Journals in the game.

Poor Dougie’s Quest

The firs thing you need to do is to get the Cage key which can be found in the The Last Stand tavern in Sailor’s Grave. Inside you will need to go to the room on the bottom deck that has a lever connecting to the chandelier. Pull it to get the key from the skeleton that lowers after it.

The next part is to complete the Poor Dougie quest, which is found in the same ship, just above the Captain’s Cabin. You will find a map here with a candle that you need to light up with a Lantern. This will allow ghost to spawn and mark your next location on the map. Follow this location which will start showing gold coins leading up to it. Now use the shovel to dig up the remains of Poor Dougie.

Your next task is to retrieve Dougie’s stolen chest, which is in the half-broken ship, just across from the tavern by taking the right from the fork. Head inside the room with the skeleton and use the level to open the curtains. You will now spot torches through the window and you need to head upstairs towards the torches. Once all the torches are lit by fire, use the skeleton’s arm holding the magnifying glass to find the location of Dougie’s treasure.

All that is left is to retrieve the chest and give it to Dougie who will give you to key for it, containing the medallion

Captain Bones’ Special Recipe / Game of Chess

The next task after getting the medallion is to find Captain Bones’ Special recipe, which is the rum. Make your way back towards the two platform area where you used the level to move them. Now enter the small cave to get the rum inside.

Another requirement is to play a game of chess with the skeletons in The Last Stand tavern and win the game.

Lighthouse Beam of Light

The last task is to turn the Lighthouse beam after you have summoned the Ferrryman and use it to turn it all the north. Move the beam to the right of the ship with the red sails and you will find a beacon. This will give you access to the bridge near the starting area of Sailor’s Grave. All that is left is to cross this bridge and get all the Headless Monkey Journals.

Headless Monkey Journals

There are five journals you need to find:

  1. Somewhere in the Caribbean: This journal can be found at the helm of the ship
  2. A Headless Monkey: Near the broken mast right in the middle of the ship
  3. Raising the Mad Monkey: Near the broken mast right in the middle of the ship
  4. A Fateful Pursuit: In the Captain’s Cabin which opens with the key found from a skeleton in the ship

Fresh Waters: The last journal is also in the Captain’s Cabin

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This concludes our Sea of Thieves Headless Monkey Journals Guide. Post your comments below.

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