Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler Enemies Guide – New Enemies, Attacks, How to Beat

This Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler Enemies Guide will detail the three new types of Ocean Crawler enemies that have been introduced into the game with the release of A Pirate’s Life update.

There are three types of Ocean Crawlers that you will find in your new adventure in Sea of Thieves. Beating each of these Ocean Crawlers has a chance of dropping Siren Gems, a new item that you can sell at the Trading Company. Players looking for a lot of Siren Gems will require to beat each type of Ocean Crawler for a chance to get one.

Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler Enemies Guide

Below we have detailed the new Ocean Crawlers, what their attacks are, and how will combat you.

Eel-ectric Ocean Crawler

This is one of the Ocean Crawler enemies introduced into the game, which as its name suggests, is an electric attack dealing enemy. The eel is pretty quick with its move and is well prepared to attack you with shock damage if you get too close.

It also has long medium to long-ranged attacks where it will dash at your location or shoot out lightning orbs at you. Getting too close to it will force it to produce an electric shockwave to disorientate you and hurt you. To counter this, you need to keep some distance between the two of you and rely on long-ranged attacks. Relying on your sword with a quick attack is quite risky as it will only raise up its Electric Shield or shockwave to damage as you get close.

Hermit Ocean Crawler

The Hermit is another one of the Ocean Crawler enemy, which has a few attacks mixed with its aggressive nature. It does not shy away from charging at you for a devastating headbutt that can deal you a lot of damage but also has its annoying poison breath attack which will poison you if you get in contact.

This means that getting too close will guarantee an ineffective method of beating this enemy. What you can do is to keep a little distance, let the Hermit charge you, and dodge away at the precise moment. This opens up a little window where you can attack the Hermit as it becomes vulnerable.

The Hermit will also bury itself underground and will come out from under your feet to attack. Whenever you see the Hermit going underground, be on the move and don’t let it target you when you are stationary.

Crab Ocean Crawler

The third kind of Ocean Crawler is the Crab, which is a giant King Crab-looking enemy with plenty of shields thanks to its thick crustacean shell. In addition, it can also heal itself and summon smaller enemies to aid it against you.

However, all this shield and its massive size make it a slow-moving enemy. Don’t let this fool you as it has pretty powerful attacks that will not only knock you far but also take a huge amount of your health. The best way to attack the crab is to wait for it to finish its attack and sneak a few hits before evading the enemy again. In both cases, you can either use your firearm to be safe or the sword if you are feeling brave.

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This concludes our Sea of Thieves Ocean Crawler Enemies Guide. Post your comments below.

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