Sea of Thieves The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Guide – How to Complete, Walkthrough

In this Sea of Thieves The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Guide, we will guide you on how you can start and complete the Tall Tale The Sunken Pearl in Sea of Thieves. The Sunken Pearl is the second Tall Tale in the Captain Jack Sparrow event which is now live in Sea of Thieves as part of Season 3. This is the second Tall Tale out of five new Tall Tales that are now part of the full game experience. Below we will guide you on every step that you need to start this Tall Tale and complete it without any problems.

The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Guide – Sea of Thieves

Our Sea of Thieves The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Guide details everything that you need to know about completing the Tall Tale The Sunken Pearl in the game.

How to Start The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale in Sea of Thieves

Since you have already completed the first Tall Tale, you can now simply head over the Castaway’s Camp and vote for the second Tall Tale The Sunken Pearl. Once everyone has voted for it, the Tall Tale will begin with the lore and quest being explained by the Castaway and then you start your journey. If you open your Quest Book, you will notice a map on Page 6 and 7 which shows the location where you need to go.

This location marked is directly southwest of Discovery Ridge and west of Shark Bait Cove and Old Salts Atoll. The location is almost near the end of the map here. The exact location is marked with a blue light going up into the sky, so it is hard to miss when you are near the location. When you get near the location, you will hear the music pick up the pace and also a pile of floating debris covered in coral signaling that it has been out in the sea for a long time.

The Wreck of Black Pearl

Drop your anchor and stock on any supplies that you might need for your dive. Once done, dive down and follow the debris to finally arrive at the sunken ship Black Pearl. You do not have to worry about the air below here because various corals release oxygen bubbles. You can refill your oxygen in these bubbles.

After arriving at the wreck, go to the top deck and use the opening here to reach the lower decks. You can hit the debris to move it out of your way. If you go to the back of the ship, there is an Ocean Crawler here that is holding the key to the Captain’s Quarters. Pick up the key and swim back up to the top deck. Now swim your way to the Captain’s Quarters and open the door using the key that you just found.

You will find Captain Jack Sparrow’s compass on the table so pick it up and start following the directions on it. Make sure that you are lower, near the bed of the ocean. The compass will lead you to a cavern that is filled with coral. Enter the cavern.

The Mermaid Statue

Keep heading towards the entrance of the cavern and near it, you will find a mermaid statue. This mermaid statue acts as a fast travel point and it will take you back to your ship or any of the previous checkpoints.

Siren Puzzles

After the mermaid statue, you can use the glowing round orb to gain access to the area behind the barrier. Keep going ahead until you come to the Siren water puzzles. The goal here is to match the three small Siren statues with their artwork on the wall. To progress, you have to raise the water level and for that, you must match the sirens with their artwork. Hit the sirens with your weapon to match them.

Make sure that all of them have orange Siren hearts and their tridents and their other hands are in the right positions according to their artwork. Once all three of them match, you can finally focus on the bigger Siren. Hit the siren and the statues will start to sing. This will cause the water level to rise and you can move to the next puzzle. There are a total of three Siren puzzles and each of them has Ocean Crawler fights between them as well.

The second puzzle is pretty straightforward however for the third puzzle, the statue with the stone will be on higher ground. You will also find an armory box here where you can switch to the Eye of Sight. Once the third puzzle is solved, go to land and find the mermaid statue with the glowing orb next to it. Hit the orb and you will get the Trident of Dark Tides and also some threatening messages from a Mysterious Voice.

The Siren Citadel

The voice is later revealed to the Siren Queen and when you back at the top of Black Pearl’s wreckage, you will fight with three waves of Sirens. Make sure that you collect all of the Siren Hearts that they drop after getting killed. When the battle is over, take out Jack’s compass again and start following it.

The compass will lead you to a large door which is guarded by two statues. Activate the statues and then hit them to match the artwork on the door. This will give you access to the Siren Citadel. Keep going inside the cavern and you will come across some more Siren statues. Match them with their artwork and then go up towards the bigger statue.

Shoot at the bigger statue and the water level will start lowering in the cavern. At this point, some Ocean Crawlers will spawn. Kill them all. Once the area is clear, you can use the switch to open the next door and go inside further. Inside, you can use another switch to lower the broken ship hull and use it to go up to the higher ground.

Go to the sunken wreckage up ahead and then look for the small cave while facing the path where you entered this area. Enter the cave and you will find another piece of artwork showing more Siren statues. The statues are visible through the coral however you will need to hit them with the Sniper Rifle. There is a weapons box at the top of the sunken ship so you can switch your weapon from there.

Shoot all three Siren statues to match the artwork and the water level will start rising. You can now swim to the center platform and climb up from there. Above, use the switch and it will raise a piece of wood that you can use as a bridge. Cross the bridge and if you want the Silver Blade, you can go left but if you go right, you will find the large Siren that you shot earlier. Go ahead and enter the room where you will find another mermaid statue and a switch. Shoot the switch and enter the barrier.

Wreck of the Silver Blade

After the barrier, go up and left and you will reach the wreck of the Silver Blade. Head towards the top deck and at this point, the Siren Queen will send some Ocean Crawlers to attack you. Since the Ocean Crawlers are really far off in the distance, you will have to use the ship cannons to fight them. There are additional cannonballs in barrels along with some food. You can restock on supplies from there.

Once the Ocean Crawlers are dead, you can use the capstan on the Silver Blade to raise the ship up. More Ocean Crawlers will spawn while doing so and you will need to jump back and forth to ensure that you remain alive and also raise the ship up at the same time. Keep at it until a Kraken grabs the ship and some Ocean Crawlers jump on the deck to fight you. Kill them all and eventually the Kraken will lift the ship up in order to fight you.

Fighting the Kraken

The fight with the Kraken is a tedious one and your biggest goal will be to stay alive. The Kraken can hit you wherever you go on the ship, so you always have to be on the move. Use your gun to fire directly at its face and keep at it. The cannons do not appear to be doing any damage to it at this point. This might be a glitch and might be fixed later however, for the time being, you can use your weapons to kill it. Once enough damage is done, the Kraken will retreat, and you can finally use the capstan to life the ship and then climb the mast ladder.

Battle with the Siren Queen

Swim ahead and you will end up in a dry area. To fight the Queen, you must use the hallway that lies ahead however if you want to unlock the Tale of Eternal Sorrow commendation, you can use the door on the right side before fighting the Siren Queen. For fighting the Siren Queen, head inside the hallway, flip the switch, and start the boss fight.

Siren Queen is just like the normal Sirens so fighting her will not be much trouble for you. Make sure that you have the Trident with you for this fight. Once the Siren Queen is dead, the water level will start to decrease, and you will be able to go down in the middle of the room. Use the switch to access the area inside the barrier.

Destroy the three Siren statues inside and meet the familiar faces that appear. Give Captain Jack’s compass to Gibbs and then swim down to exit. The Tall Tale is now complete and you can use the Mermaid statue to go back to your ship.

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This concludes our Sea of Thieves The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below.

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