Space Racing Brawler Rocket Rumble Early Access Release Date Announced

Developer PixelNAUTS has announced the early access release date of their upcoming space racing brawler game Rocket Rumble. Rocket Rumble will release in Early Access on August 3, 2021, and will feature online single-screen competitive racing. A decent amount of customization options will also be part of the game and it will be packed with space combat. The early access launch price of the game will be $9.99.

Rocket Rumble is a fast-paced competitive racing game in which you will join a cast of rocket-powered animal racers and bash, smash and race your way to victory. Every time you cross a checkpoint, you will earn points and also deal damage as you try to knock your rivals off the track. The game offers both local gameplay with friends and family on the same screen or online multiplayer for a higher challenge.

The developer has also released a new trailer for the title detailing the countless personalization options in the game. Check it out below:

Right at its EA launch, the game will feature five racers to choose from. These include Riku – The mystical bird, Bert – The proud pig, Pepper – The friendly corgi and Ophelia – The sassy cat. As development progresses, the developer will add more characters to the game as well. Three procedurally generated tracks will ensure that all races in the game are unique with additional tracks coming later to the game. You will also find thousands of customization options for your racers.

You can follow Rocket Rumble and add it to your wishlist by heading over to the game’s Steam page. The Early Access is right around the corner so if you are looking forward to the game, you can add it to your wishlist to follow on its updates. You can also check out the previously released gameplay trailer and announcement trailer.

Are you looking forward to jumping in Rocket Rumble when it comes out in Early Access next month? Let us know in the comments section below.

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