WWE Survivor Series Betting Guide


On Sunday, November 22nd, the WWE will be live from the Thunderdome for their annual November tradition of Survivor Series. This is the 34thSurvivor Series event in WWE history. However, this one will be special because it’s celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Undertaker’s debut.

In addition the final appearance of “the Dead Man,” all of WWE’s major titles from RAW and SmackDown will be on the line in champion vs champion matches. The PPV itself will be headlined by Universal Champ Roman Reigns taking on WWE champ Drew McIntyre.

Furthermore, the WWE will carry on the exciting Survivor Series tradition with two 5-on-5 elimination matches. One match will be the RAW women’s team vs the SmackDown women’s team. The other elimination match will be for the male teams of each show.

WWE betting sites have released their odds for this PPV. Let’s walk that aisle, step over the top ring rope, and give a big boot to these predictions.

Will the Undertaker Wrestle at Survivor Series?

As mentioned, the main theme for this weekend’s Survivor Series PPV is the 30th anniversary of the debut of one of pro wrestling’s greatest characters – The Undertaker. The man himself, has made the rounds with the media and commented on his farewell to wrestling this Sunday:

“It’s very humbling and I’m honored, but I’m even getting a little bit sick of myself now. It’s really surreal just to have any career span 30 years, that’s an achievement in itself… There are certain days I think about it being 30 years and how long that is, then there are other days where it just seems like a flash. It came and it went really, really fast. It just reminds me to soak in the things that I should be soaking in because 30 years goes a lot quicker than you think it does.”

I can still remember his 1990 debut at Survivor Series and being in awe of how different he looked than the rest of the wrestlers. It was one of the greatest debuts in the history of the WWE. Furthermore, he’s arguably the greatest WWE character of all-time.

There might be better wrestlers, but there has never been a better sports entertainer than the Undertaker.

The 55 year old legend could still do one more match, especially one where he can work as a member of a team.

Why not have The Undertaker join a squad?

Team SmackDown still needs one more member. It would be fantastic if they had the Undertaker announce on the November 20th edition of SmackDown that he’s joining the team. That would certainly create more interest.

As of now, there are just unconfirmed rumors that the Dead Man could be wrestling. Let’s hope that those rumors come true.

5-on-5 Women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

  • Team RAW (+140)
  • Team SmackDown (-200)
  • Team RAW Members: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Lana, Lacey Evans, and Peyton Royce
  • Team SmackDown Members: Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott, and Liv Morgan

Because this betting preview was written before the November 20th edition of SmackDown, we don’t know the final members for the SmackDown women’s team. 

This is the 7th women’s elimination match at Survivor Series. The first one came in 1995. It would be 13 years before the second one came in 2008. Two more followed in 2013 and 2014, before this match became an annual occurrence in 2016.

Team SmackDown needs two more members and, as of this writing, there’s no clear news on who those members will be. One would think that Bayley joins the team especially since other options have failed to come to fruition.

As for the winning team, despite not having a full squad, I think Team SmackDown should come away with the win. The big reason why – Bianca Belair.

Right now, online betting sites favor Bianca to have the best finish at -175 odds. Belair is on the rise not only with the fans and her peers, but also with the WWE brass as well. Out of the 10 women that will compete in this match, Belair has the highest ceiling and could become the next big star.

Over/Under 2.5 Eliminations From Top Person

Although we have some participants who could eliminate three opponents, I just don’t see it happening. The only one with a real chance would be Belair, and I’m not sure she will have three people to eliminate when she’s the only one left for her team.

Women’s Survivor Series Elimination –Under 2.5 (-225)

Over/Under 1.5 Winning Team Members

I believe that the winning team will have just one member, and that will be Bianca Belair for Team SmackDown.

Over/Under 2.5 Eliminations –Under 1.5 members (+100)

Who Will Survive?

As you can see, I believe this match is the beginning of Belair’s ascension towards becoming one of the top wrestlers in the women’s division. I can see this being the launching pad for Belair to go on and win the women’s Royal Rumble in 2021 as well.

Over/Under 1.5 Members –Team SmackDown (-200)

5-on-5 Men’s Survivor Series Elimination Match

  • Team RAW (-153)
  • Team SmackDown (+110)
  • Team RAW Members: AJ Styles, Keith Lee, Sheamus, Braun Strowman, and Matt Riddle
  • Team SmackDown Members: Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, King Corbin, and Seth Rollins

Because this betting preview was written before the November 20th edition of SmackDown, we don’t know the final member of the blue brand’s team.

With this current construction of Team SmackDown, I just don’t see how they can hang with the size and power of Team RAW.

The only way Team SmackDown wins is if they actually put the Undertaker on their team. As of now, that’s not the case.

Over/Under 2.5 Eliminations From Top Person

Braun Strowman holds the men’s record for the most eliminations in a match with four. I doubt he will get that mark this year, but three is definitely doable. Furthermore, Keith Lee could also eliminate three members.

In fact, one great idea would be teammates Strowman and Lee competing for the most eliminations in this match. With that said, I am going with the Over at +140 odds. The sleeper pick here would be Seth Rollins eliminating three of RAW’s members.

Men’s Survivor Series Elimination –Over 2.5 (+140)

Over/Under 1.5 Winning Team Members

Unlike the women’s elimination match, I don’t see the winning team coming down to just one member. I see the winning team having two or more.

Over/Under 1.5 Members –Over 1.5 (-277)

Who Will Survive?

I agree with oddsmakers that Team RAW will win this match. I see at least two members surviving. Those two could be any combination of Keith Lee, Braun Strowman, and AJ Styles. Riddle and Sheamus are cannon fodder in this match.

Over/Under 1.5 Members –Team RAW (-153)

IC Champ vs US Champ Match: Lashley vs Zayn

  • Bobby Lashley (-277)
  • Sami Zayn (+190)

There’s a good chance that this match ends up as a squash match. Recent reports suggest that the WWE wants Lashley to win in dominant fashion.

This probably won’t go over well with the WWE fans as they’ve really gotten behind Zayn as of late. His current booking has been entertaining and he is one of the top workers on either brand.

I agree that Lashley will win, but not at the expense to where they make Zayn look like a jobber. It would also ruin the shine of the IC belt, which has started to gain some relevance again in the last four to five months.

Take Lashley to win the match, but hope for a good bout.

Currently, the Over/Under is set at 13 minutes. With the way things are shaping up, this match should end in under 10 minutes. So, go with the Under at -212 odds.

Lashley vs Zayn –Lashley (-277)

RAW Women’s Champ vs SmackDown Women’s Champ Match

  • Asuka (-133)
  • Sasha Banks (-105)

Here’s a match that could steal the show. In fact, it should steal the show considering their previous battles this year.

Asuka captured the RAW women’s title due to Becky Lynch having to leave the WWE because she was pregnant and because she won the MITB ladder match the night prior.

The title reign made Asuka the second Grand Slam winner in the WWE behind Bayley. She was also the third woman to win all three major women’s titles.

Asuka lost the title to Banks at Extreme Rules after Bayley became the ref and counted the 1-2-3. But, they were ordered to have a rematch the next night on RAW and Asuka won that bout.

Then they had a third match the next week on RAW and Banks ended up winning the belt due to Bayley’s shenanigans.

At SummerSlam, Asuka had two matches where she took on Banks for the RAW title and Bayley for the SmackDown title. Asuka would beat Banks, but lose to Bayley. This also marked the beginning of the friction between Bayley and Banks.

That friction led to an all-out feud where Sasha Banks finally beat Bayley at Hell in a Cell for the SmackDown title. Banks retained the title in a rematch on SmackDown.

With the win of this title, Banks became the third Grand Slam winner and the fourth Triple Crown winner in the women’s division. Banks believes that this is her most enjoyable title reign and that her and Asuka will prove who the best is on Sunday:

“Asuka is, if not one of the best, the best competitor in our division. And she is a legend in Japan. She is one of the longest-reigning champions in our company. We have thrown it down in the past, but I feel like every single day, we want to get better in every single way. We want to do the best. And now that we represent our own brands, and being the champions, we’re really just going to go there Sunday and prove who is the best of the best.”

Despite how close these betting odds are, I have no doubt that Sasha Banks will win this match. Keep in mind, none of the championships are on the line. Plus, Banks did the job to Asuka at SummerSlam.

But, the biggest reason why I think Banks comes away victorious this weekend is due to her appearance on season two of The Mandalorian. Banks and the WWE have received a lot of mainstream media attention because of Banks’ role and I just don’t see how the WWE doesn’t run with it.

It would make no sense at all for the WWE to have Banks lose after the entire storyline she went through this year to overcome her former best friend and after she appeared in arguably the most popular show on any platform.

At -105 odds, I believe this bet is a steal. It offers tremendous betting value. In fact, this is my favorite wager for the entire Survivor Series PPV.

RAW Women’s Champ vs SmackDown –Banks (-105)

RAW Tag Champs vs SmackDown Tag Champs Tag-Team Match

  • The New Day (-111)
  • Street Profits (-125)

I think it’s safe to say that this is probably the one match that people care about the least. And, that’s not due to these two talented tag teams, but it’s due to just how bad the WWE has treated tag team wrestling for a long time now.

The WWE has relegated tag team wrestling to an afterthought. AEW has made it a significant part of their brand and they’ve delivered tremendous matches and storylines over the last year because of it.

In fact, a few tag team matches this year have been considered some of the greatest tag team matches of all-time. Guess what, they both came in AEW.

I can’t begin tell you how much I hate WWE’s tag team philosophy. It’s safe to say that there’s nothing I hate more about the WWE than this.

With that said, I am taking the Street Profits to win this match. A victory over the New Day at a big event will help give them the “smoke.” If they lose, it will hurt them. But, if the New Day loses, it won’t really do anything because they will always be popular with the fans.

Both of these teams offer betting value with their odds. But, for me, I like Street Profits to get the biggest win of their main roster careers.

RAW Tag Champs vs SmackDown Tag Champs –Under 13 (-212)

WWE Champ vs Universal Champ

  • Roman Reigns (-277)
  • Drew McIntyre (+190)

One week ago, we were looking at a Survivor Series main event of Roman Reigns versus Randy Orton. However, the WWE decided to switch gears by giving McIntyre the big win on RAW this week as he became the WWE champ for a second time after defeating Randy Orton.

McIntyre and Orton have had a feud that spanned at least four months. However, McIntyre got the better of Orton in the PPV matches. That was until the WWE stunned fans by having Orton win at Hell in a Cell last month.

Instead of having Orton face Reigns, where 99% of the WWE Universe believed Roman would win, the WWE has put Drew McIntyre in this match instead.

It was actually a smart decision considering how popular McIntyre is. Furthermore, these two men have a history against each other. Albeit, the majority of that feud was McIntyre as the heel and Reigns as the good guy. Now, it’s Reigns who’s considered the heel and McIntyre who’s the good guy (face).

This week also marked the eight year anniversary of The Shield debuting at Survivor Series in 2012. It’s pretty impressive to see how far all three members have come. In fact, they’ve all been at the top of the business at one time or another.

However, only Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) has gone to the top of the mountain in two promotions: WWE and AEW. Reigns and Rollins have both been world champions on both RAW and SmackDown.

With that said, this is the most entertaining that Roman Reigns has been since the early Shield days. He’s risen to the top of the WWE as the most compelling figure on the roster. With Paul Heyman by his side, and his role as the Tribal Chief, Reigns could dominate the WWE for years to come.

Will McIntyre Kick Out After a Spear?

I am surprised that these odds from entertainment betting sites are so low. There’s no doubt in my mind that McIntyre will kick out after at least one spear, if not two. This man has kicked out of every other finisher from his previous opponents including the RKO, which is more devastating than the spear.

I also believe that McIntyre will kick out of a superman punch as well. I really like the value with this prop bet.

Will McIntyre Kick Out After a Spear? –Yes (-138)

How Many Superman Punches?

  • Over 3.5 (+125)
  • Under 3.5 (-175)

Speaking of the superman punch, Reigns’ other signature move, I don’t see this prop bet going Over 3.5 punches. Four punches in a match would be too ridiculous. Go with the Under as I think three punches will be the max.

How Many Superman Punches? –Under 3.5 (-175)

Will Roman Reigns Kick Out After a Claymore Kick?

Well, the same argument with the previous prop bet applies to this one as well. Reigns always kicks out of finishers from his opponents.

In fact, he’s kicked out of McIntyre’s Claymore kicks in the past and I expect him to kick out of at least one, if not two on Sunday. I love the value with this prop bet as well.

Will Roman Reigns Kick Out After a Claymore Kick? –Yes (-133)

Who Wins the Match?

If the WWE goes with a winner then it has to be Roman Reigns. He’s their top guy right now and the most compelling character going today. He’s improved ratings on the blue show and has really become arguably the most entertaining storyline in the WWE.

With that said, there won’t be a clean finish. I’m willing to bet that at least one, if not both Usos will interfere to help their tribal chief win the match.

Plus, McIntyre losing because of interference would still keep him looking strong, while also keeping Reigns and his storyline going strong. Keep in mind, McIntyre is not afraid to do the job for Reigns or anyone else, which was evident with losing at HIAC versus Randy Orton.

Take Reigns to win despite the odds not offering any value.

Who Wins the Match? –Roman Reigns (-277)

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